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  • Artist Info: Ok, here goes...My name is Hannah, but call me Raleigh. ...No, seriously. I don't go by Hannah, I just thought I'd tell you that. Call me Raleigh. R A L E I G H. (Rah-Lay). Anyways, I love life and I love to have fun. I like soccer, swimming, writing, dancing, singing, acting (occasionally), animals, family, and friends. I has 5 cats and 2 dogs, and am the youngest of my family with 2 older brothers. e.O biggrin Erm...let's see.... I am very fun, crazy, random, and loving. I love my friends and I, surprisingly enough, like school. I have two georgeous Gaia sisters, Mimi (MimiLouise) and Michii (xMichiimonster). Please add me!!! <3 <3 <3 razz biggrin :3<br />
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    Please visit my and my sister's avi art shop, Mimi Louise and Raleigh C's Avi Art Boutique. We do both chibi and normal anime portraits of your avatar, all hand-drawn, and super cheap. Search "awesome art" in the forums. Hope to see you there!<br />
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    My avi art:<br />
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