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  • Artist Info: My name is Aeria.<br />
    [[everyone pronounces it wrong the first time]]<br />
    Im going to be eighteen in july.<br />
    Charlie B. is the love of my life.<br />
    && we have been together for three years.<br />
    ..did I mention we got cutest couple at prom this year?<br />
    [[amazing, isnt it?]]<br />
    ANYWAY!<br />
    I just graduated May 31st of [[2009!]].<br />
    I have problems trusting anyone.<br />
    Im really have low self esteem && think low of myself.<br />
    If you make fun of me, itll probably get to me.<br />
    Im just really sensitive and emotional.<br />
    I hate labels, label me all you want, ill just think ur really stupid<br />
    I love poofing my hair.<br />
    [[even though it doesnt always turn out perfect]]<br />
    but at one point I was the only person at school that did that.<br />
    I also love studd belts && skinny jeans.<br />
    Random Fact: Ive had the same studded belt since 7th grade.<br />
    Anyway, enough about my clothes.<br />
    I just wanna be myself without everyone judging me<br />
    I complain alot.<br />
    [[thank u everyone for pointing out the obvious]]<br />
    Im pretty sure im really creative && artistic<br />
    Im ususally shy to people i don't know well.<br />
    I sometimes cant ever shutup around my friends.<br />
    Im pretty Straightedge.<br />
    <br />
    I'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake<br />
    <br />
    I play videogames <br />
    My Myspace is myspace.com/pink_ladies03<br />
    Overall, Im a happy bubbly person<br />
    And youll probably never really know me, even if you think you do
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