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  • Artist Info: wahmbulance Warning crazy person! wahmbulance <br />
    cool What's up everybody? So I've been coming on Gaia randomly but if I'm on and you want to chat, let's have at it. Um, I like anime and manga. I'm into yaoi but not that much anymore. I'm also obsesed with Dark Cloud. No, it's not a yaoi. . . . that'd be weird. It's actually this super old (to me) video game for the ps2. Yeah, it's awesome. <br />
    Anyways, I like sweet things but I don't like eating alot of it at one time. My favorite drink it Dr. Pepper, cause it's amazing. heart Hmmmm confused wat else? . . . Oh, well I'm in highschool and stuff. I'm kind of a emotion_zombie through most days. emotion_awesome <br />
    I hurt myself alot emotion_bandaid , but not on purpose. (trust me) I just fall down alot and stuff. I'm super clumsy emotion_sweatdrop <br />
    I like pockey. I really emotion_bigheart pockey. I could eat it all day emotion_omnomnom lol.<br />
    Uh. . . . I think that's about it. And that's me. emotion_dowant
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