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    when a guy says your HOT <br />
    he's looking at ur body <br />
    when a guy says your PRETTY <br />
    he's looking at ur face <br />
    when a guy says ur BEAUTIFUL <br />
    he's looking at your heart <br />
    <br />
    ~well to start out I am 15 years old I am a FRESHMAN so don't hate appreciate I had this account for a whole year now smile My bestest friend showed me this website now I am addicted to it thx alot lol I have a life unlike some people on here *cough cough* >.><br />
    ~I am CRAZY LAME COOL RANDOM WEIRD PERVERTED PERSOn and can be a BITCH at timesbut hey that is ME and I will ALWAYS be that way so don't try to change me and I don't care what people think of me and if you have a problem with me STOP reading this and get the f**k off my profile <br />
    ~I love MUSIC heart it's my life I could't live without it right now my FAVORITE song is let's get fuck up and die by motion city soundtrack if you wana know what I listen to then check out my playlist and don't wast my time and ask me what type of music I listen to cause I won't answer the question but I will tell you this I mainly listen to ROCK and I HATE country music but Taylor Swift has a few good songs I like <br />
    ~I have the most AMAZING FRIENDS on Gaia like Aaron HE is Fricken AWESOME and is my buddy Sarah who is cool and awesome too :] and Toufle your my BFF and I love you soooo very much <3333333333<br />
    ~ok so now I will tell you what I do well I LOVE to dance been dancing for three years now and I am going on my fourth year of dancing I LOVE to climb trees I hug my tree everyday and I am a tree huger lol I LOVE to play sports any sport I will play I"m not like some girls who won't try I am very agressive when I play <br />
    so yeah I LOVE football too heart I play instruments too like the CLARINET, Violin and the guitar heart I love to dye my hair too I dye it 5 times already >.< I'm learning how to speak German I care about my education alot I am flexible I can do my left split and right. my best subjets is math right now I am taking GEOMETRY HONNORS =O I LOVE ice cream I am a FREAK about it my FAVORITE COLORS are dark purple,black,blood red, lime green,blue <br />
    heart heart <br />
    I love animals I have three cats one dog and two birds <br />
    I put eyeliner that is the only type of make up I put on<br />
    I HATE PREPPY PEOPLE and People who use the word LIKE alot <br />
    That is me <br />
    So LOVE me or HATE me I don't care <br />
    I also do love RANDOM COMMENTS AND PMS<br />
    so talk to me people <br />
    laterz peeps <333333<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    ----oOo-----------oOo <br />
    -O-------O-----O-------O <br />
    o-----------o-o-----------o <br />
    O------------o------------O <br />
    -o-------Friends--------o <br />
    ---O--------------------O <br />
    -------o-------------o <br />
    ----------O-----O <br />
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