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    Meh name is Alyx Vayne, I like cuppycakes & sprinkles. Rainbows are a hit. NYAN! I love reptiles of all kinds, no matter if they're ugly, slimey, or monsterous, i love em all! I am from Seattle, Washington. 19 Years old, fav color turquoise. Grew up in WA, Lived in Hawaii for 5 years, Lived in Guam for 3 years, Lived in WA again for 1 year, currently living in California! c: I live in CA with my fiancee, I've been happily engaged for a year now, we've been together for more than 2 years. We met in Guam. Yes, my hair is blue, yes I did it myself. Yes I cut my hair myself, too. I really do not trust people with my hair whatsoever. Very few people. HATE SPIDERS & NEEDLES (ohdear...) I do aviart, check out the Art Shop, and I edit photos of 50K a pop! Keep in mind I'm a master at photoshop! I'f you'd like to see samples of artwork, go here:Alyx Vayne's DeviantArt. If you'd like to see Digital Manipulations/Photos Edits, go here: Alyx Vayne's Digital Manipulation Facebook. Wanna check out teh photography too? SHOOTZ, go for it: Alyx Vayne's Photography Facebook. I participate in donations/charities! I know, I'm such a good soul <3 Here is my very successful & popular Art Shop, The Alyx Vayne Art Shop Click any of the banners below to go to my Art Shop, Please give it a <3 too please! it would mean a very lot to me! Thankies peeps c:<br />
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