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  • Artist Info: Hi Friends! what's up?... biggrin <br />
    <br />
    I seriously have nothing to say right now... but.... if you plan to scare me during Halloween, please do not.. Halloween happens to soooo not be my favorite holiday.. i only like it because it's fun.. you get to go trick or treat, and you get to dress up... i seriously get scared easily... like there's this one time this guy i don't know who scared me like 6 times in a row.... even though i knew that it was fake.... i hate halloween because first of all, it's scary... with people dressing up as skeltons and have blood... etc... (a huh i know it's fake... sad ) second, whoa!!! creepy... *shudder*<br />
    third, .... that's all... lol.. biggrin
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