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  • Artist Info: I am Crystal SOLDIER First Class and I am a third of the Elemental Siblings Of Destiny, being the elements of Ice and Water. I was a member of ShinRa Corps Elite SOLDIER Army, but when my sister Eden was banished because of her new centaur form, my brother Blaise and I quit immediately. While I was working with President ShinRa's army, Blaise, Eden and I were in charge of the three thirds of the entire army. We were the best, better by far than the mighty Sephiroth but never did we inflict fear onto anyone as Sephiroth did. We were respected for our strength and power but mostly for our fairness, and we became beacons of hope for every citizen of Midgar. Everything was well and we had the world at our feet until the day we recieved our 'Elemental Spirits'. The Gods themselves granted us each an elemental power as a reward for using our power for good. I recieved the power of Ice and Water. Although you may think this was a blessing, it was actually a curse in disguise for both my siblings and I, and President ShinRa.<br />
    When Blaise and I received our Elemental Spirits, our human forms remained intact, unlike Eden, who's human form was permanantly transformed into that of a centaur.<br />
    President ShinRa did not like what had happened to Eden at all and furiously banished Eden from the ShinRa Empire, but also insulted her in the most discriminating way possible, as though being a centaur made her unworthy.<br />
    With that she left, but to President ShinRa's outrage, my Brother and I left with her, disgusted at the way our Sister had been treated and spoken to. <br />
    President ShinRa has now lost his three best SOLDIERS. But not only that, he has aquired the three worst enemies that he possibly could, and when we left, we left with a promise to President ShinRa and his beloved ShinRa Empire. <br />
    'ShinRa will fall at our hands, and when it does, The Elemental Siblings Of Destiny will guarantee that you will suffer the most terrible pain that you could have ever imagined...'
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