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  • Artist Info: Hiya! My name is Victoria for those of you that feel comfortable calling me by my real name. I'm a 17 year old semi-vegetarian bisexual (I apologize to anyone whom is homophobic, but I'm not changing the inevitable! -.-) that loves comic books, reading, writing, drawing, singing, acting, playing piano, internet surfing, watching movies/TV, being random, screaming for no reason, being a pervert (WARNING: I am a perv, but not an extreme one like somebody I know *cough*dreamybella*cough*), and baking. I do love all animals I just prefer cats...mostly tigers. I study Wicca and no that does not mean that I am evil or a devil worshiper. You will usually find me listening to about any type of music except rap. I love it when people are themselves and don't try to fit in where they don't belong. DARE TO BE UNIQUE, IT MAKES YOU THE BETTER PERSON. I am the laziest person you will ever meet, but I have an extensive vocabulary and I do have some form of intelligence...I just don't feel like using it. I have a passion for world history and mythology. I hope to be either a paranormal investigator, archeologist, writer, medicinal herbalist, manager of my own bakery (more likely to happen), or a history teacher. I LOVE the color orange and I occasionally throw in some black. Thanks for reading this and it was nice meeting all of you! mrgreen <br />
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