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  • Artist Info: Uhhhh well mi name ish elif most ppl say it lyke "aleaf" i turned 14 on april!!!!!! most of da times me ish a lil crazy bt who cares THATS ME!!! XD mi bffs r........ Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no I'm jk they r kiti hannah and Lindsay we r best buddies 4 eva bt my bffffffffff on Gaia ishhhh OMER he ish special!!! Lowl XP !!! Well duhhhhhhhh obviously I LOVE volleyball!!! It's mi sport my lucky numba ish 10 cause I'm always #10 on da team! Ahaha!! XD I love dogs! I had 2 biwdies bt I gav them away now I have a fish and it won't dieee it's fuckin 3 years old ahahahaha LOwL!!!!! Ummmm I love going to da mall itsh lyke heaven 2 me lowl!!! I luv 2 stay up and not sleep!! razz uhhhhhhhhhhh mi fav color ishhh pink Nd blak!!! uhh i can be weird shumtimes nd if u no me u probably knew that already xD !!!! razz o and I love listenin 2 music!!!! ............. So uhhh yea thatshhh meehhhh!!!! An if u don't lyke it........ FUCK OFF o.O !!!!! biggrin hahahahahaha lowlz<br />
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