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  • Artist Info: ~~~~~KEKE'S TOP 30 WONDERFUL FACTS!!~~~~~<br />
    <br />
    Fact 1. I love being called keke-chan<br />
    Fact 2. I hate being insulted.<br />
    Fact 3. I love everyone.<br />
    Fact 4. I'm caring. <br />
    Fact 5. I'm loving<br />
    Fact 6. I'm compassionate. <br />
    Fact 7. I love making friends. <br />
    Fact 8. I'm not a type of person who likes drama.<br />
    Fact 9. I am random.<br />
    Fact 10. I believe everyone is perfect in their own way.<br />
    Fact 11. I have a random question that i love, "Do you like cookies?"<br />
    Fact. 12. I have LOTS of friends so 99% chance i wont remember you.<br />
    Fact 14. I believe being gay and bi is okay. <br />
    Fact 15. I love role playing. It's fun!<br />
    Fact 16. I love owning trees in towns! X3<br />
    Fact 17. I hate people who lie.<br />
    Fact 18. I hate it when people think they know you.<br />
    Fact 19. I LOVE to laugh. <br />
    Fact 20. I love to see people's smiles. That's so interesting to me.<br />
    Fact 21. I believe in Jesus and God. <br />
    Fact 22. I will lie if you ask me if your haircut is good and I think it's the most horrible thing i have ever seen. <br />
    Fact 23. I don't go to church much, but often. <br />
    Fact 24. I LOVE anime and manga. <br />
    Fact 25. I love the anime 'Code Geass'<br />
    Fact 26. I like the song 'Te Quiero Remix' <br />
    Fact. 27. I am half Caucasian and half Hispanic.<br />
    Fact 28. I have a lot of friends who are Mexican or Latinos. =P<br />
    Fact 29. I wish to learn Spanish and Japanese.<br />
    Fact 30. I am not racist to any ethinicty.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    ~~My Result of Twilight.~~<br />
    <br />
    You are Jacob Black. Your bright personality and cheerful smile could bring anyone out of a bad mood, but you have a temper that you have to try very hard to control. You love being around others, but you value your privacy. You are stubborn and will do anything in your power to help someone once you decide it's the right thing to do. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Yours truly, <br />
    <br />
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