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  • Artist Info: My alternate names are listed below<br />
    Goth name: Painful Paradise<br />
    Hippie Name: August Freedom<br />
    Elvish Name: Glorfindel Nénharma<br />
    Pirate name: Harley the Back-Stabber<br />
    Pimp Name: Reverend Doctor stuart Shizzle<br />
    Dwarf Name: Tognus son of Migan<br />
    Wizard Name: Tilion, Lord of the Breath of Arda<br />
    Hobbit Name: Bidoc 'the Old' Bolo, Shire-thain<br />
    Vampire Name: Aelfric Cromwell<br />
    Pop Star Name: Enrique Meyers<br />
    Rock Star name: Ezra Neil<br />
    Jersey Shore nickname: Bones<br />
    Pro Wrestling name: Nasty Critter<br />
    Chinese name: Shou-Tu Wang<br />
    Horse name: Wheaten Jubilee<br />
    Viking name: Stafngrímr Madhorse <br />
    Rap Star name: Easy Nutz<br />
    Klingon name: Tatel Kamarag<br />
    Country Star name: Delbert Lovett<br />
    Star Wars name: Whest Kafor of the Motrin system<br />
    Cat Name: Junky<br />
    Christmas Elf name: Angel-Pants<br />
    Poet Name: Sir Francis Titwillow<br />
    Spammer name: Canny K. Tenor<br />
    Irish name: Micheal McCarthy<br />
    Ninja name: Seiji Mano-san<br />
    NCIS Code name: Spinachfins<br />
    Japanese name: Shimizu Yoshitoki<br />
    Pagan name: Alwyn Rowan Ogham<br />
    Orc Name: Dushatâr, spellweaver - Uruk of Mordor<br />
    Biker name: Lil' Jelly Belly<br />
    Stripper name: Sapphire Heaventhighs<br />
    Mormon name: Bradstreet Bevalier<br />
    DJ Name: DJ Aural<br />
    Smurf name: Yahweh Smurf (isn't Yahweh the hebrew name for "God?" wink <br />
    Scary Clown name: Snooker T. Messy Poops<br />
    Mafia name: Hector the Bullet<br />
    Superhero name: The Magnificent Ninja<br />
    Demon Name: Badhorn hookbeak<br />
    Hawaiian name: Kane Nahele<br />
    German name: Otto von Schneider<br />
    Dinosaur Name: Fatsaur<br />
    Monster name: Seer of the Tragic<br />
    LOST Nickname(given by Sawyer): Captain Bunnykiller<br />
    Female name: Susie Wheeler<br />
    Drunk name: Helium Harry<br />
    Panda name: Sunshine<br />
    Romanian Name: Gherasim Georgescu <br />
    Redneck Name: Billie-Rae Hoggreaser<br />
    Teddy Bear name: Breezy Button Nose
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