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    You wanna know ABOUT ME?!O:
    <br />
    •That's very flattering! I guess you can know somethings. First off, I'm Miss Coolpants a.k.a Liv.•<br />
    •I am obsessed with FERRIS BUELLER♥ ,headbands, Hello Kitty, Domo, Weird Al & King of the Hill. I would kick anyone's butt in a KOTH trivia showdown. >.<" I enjoy sewing & designing clothes. I used to paint a lot, but not anymore really. I love Japanese candy. Especially Pocky & Chocolate-filled Marshmallows.•<br />
    •I want to be a Paranormal Investigator when I grow up. Possibly an author as well. I'm currently writing a book! O:•<br />
    •I ♥ Sims! EVERYTHING SIMS! (:•<br />
    SAVE FERRIS ☺<br />
    <br />
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