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  • Artist Info: well ima be me and he is not he so let us be please i want u baby when i first saw u in a pic i was like jeeze i think i was on trees so if u wit me u will see i call ladys girls cause they are my world who got u those if u stay wit him he'll becallin u a ho fa sho i knomy flo is cold but hoop up wit me in da manshin then we up in hamptins lets get in the phantom im crazy like alliens test me i wont be failin cause i am the best he wonts ur brest but ill put u in my ness and i will couress no never stress to the left to the left if he wants to leave be my guess well he could step dis for a girl i cant name cause she wanna maintame my game whats good cause im from da hood and im rapin like i should cause im iller than u ever would understoud <br />
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