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  • Artist Info: What would be up my peoplez, stalkerz, loverz, and otherwise! My name is Chitlacoatl, Xecoatl, Zecoatl, and many others but just call me chi. I am (UNLIMITED AGE) years old, 4 year user of gaia and I have made many awesome things happen during that time. I am an artist of my own stuff, meaning that you shouldn't expect to see my stuff because it will either get thrown away or I will hide it from you all. I am a fan of many things as you can see by the pics on my profile but sometimes i just call everything EPIC. Umm, I am also a semi-spore player (semi-nerd!), a photobucket user, playlist maker, and a man of teh real world. In that "real world" I am a highschool IB student, a swimmer and in part to it a beach bum. Ok, to top off this wierd mix of dr. pepper, coke, and root beer, let me just say that I am always here for you. CIAO~!<br />
    (NEW STUFF!): As for new growing mind I have recently started to dabble in psychology and philosophy. Hoping to become a writer, I have now started to write down these thoughts and such in many pages and have so far gotten at least 50 of these pages done. I also love stories and I'm practicing and practicing, getting better all the time and loveing it along the way. I have recently tried not to judge people as much as I did, however I still have a hairtrigger temper and need some sort of headache pill everyso often. I hope to make many friends, both here and in the "real world". AU REVOIR!
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