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  • Artist Info: Name: Jorge<br />
    Age: secret....<br />
    likes: being cool, emo things, and good ppl<br />
    dislikes: not cool, not good, and icky people<br />
    hobbies: basketball, football, soccer, baseball, golf, and badminton.<br />
    Tv movies: simpsons, Family guy, American Dad, and others...<br />
    favorite members of family: brother, sister and mother...<br />
    favorite band: Naked Brothers Band,.....<br />
    wish 2 work: to be a veterinarian and a teacher....<br />
    favorite shoes: Snickers, converse shoes.......<br />
    favorite food: Sushi, spaghetti, chicken, fish., halo-halo..<br />
    <br />
    THIS IS MY COOL....DREAM AVATAR!!! hope 2 lyk it.......<br />
    <br />
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