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  • Artist Info: Well to all my past and new friends its happened again i was hacked i lost some rather pricey iteams and 70K Im fed up with gaia and whilst i enjoy talking to all of you and haging out with my friends in the virtual worlds provided by gaia its just not worth the stress at the end of the day. the admins are merely useless decorations put there to instill a sense of fear while they do nothing to solve problems the gift system is messed up for thats how i got hacke and yet i have no way to prove i lost anything other then my lack of iteams the shopping is off the should always be a list of transactions for whatever even occurs that way at the end of the day you can go back and check on what all has happened on your account, but i digress..this time I am not taking a hiatis like last im threw with it...it left for two years to cool off from a hacking where i reported it and the mods/admins felt it was not thier problem where i had spent over 100 real dollars on the monthly collectables $5 an iteam i always bought 2 for over 4 years anyone see where im going with this that about $120 a year for 4 years...this time i was on or barely 3months and was yet again hacked i reported the problem and as of yet have recieved no confirmation that they have herd my complaint and are taking action to resolve the problem and frankly at this point i dont see myself wait...<br />
    <br />
    on yet a more someber not i wish to say goodbye to all of you my dear friends<br />
    <br />
    if you wish to contact me at eny time my email is:<br />
    <br />
    paige.andi@yahoo.com<br />
    <br />
    if i get a message i will strive to resond as quickly as possible.<br />
    bye everybody<br />
    sincerely<br />
    Ananasta (ANDI) Smith<br />
    AKA: Minorly-Crazy
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