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    WOW, this box has been empty for awhile...well, now I've finally gotten my lazy arse up to do it, you'd better read it! My name is Azaela, and I'm 17 yrs. old for all you creepy stalker people who want to stalk me. I like making up words, so I often make strange sound effects and such. I luuuurve random pms, but I lurve random comments more! heart Any way, I love manga (more than anime), and I've got more than a hundred of my own! So yeah, I'd say I'm pitifully addicted...I love music, anything from A.F.I. to Cameo or Dethlok to Kanye West. So yeah, but I HATE country....ugh, so annoying. I lurve icons (they're the best) but I'm too lazy to put any on here...I do NOT have a boyfriend ,real (thank god), or gaia, but I'm not lesbo, so don't even ask. Happens alot more than you'd think unfortunately.<br />
    <br />
    If I got trapped on island what are three things I would take?? <br />
    Let me see...maybe, oh I don't know...A SHIP?!?!? Jeezus, takes everyone long enough to figure out if they've got three magikal wishes when they're trapped on an island you could wish for a way out!! Oh, yeah, my other two wishes...um how about lighter/matches and manga! Lots and lots of manga (hey, I gotta pass the time somehow ^.~)<br />
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