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    <br />
    HELLO!!<br />
    Ok so I found the momentum to come back to Gaia and improve my avi and work hard for my stuff :p. My Gaia's a year old BUT i havent been playing all the time so I'm still kinda struggling and still a newbie. Find me on myspace, I go there every so often. Besides I'm like in-like with the internet! So I guess I get on at the least once a day. Doesn't mean I can't live without the computer though >.<. Well yea. haha. Thanks for readin, if you did :]<br />
    I AM HUMAN, So talk to me!!! please hehe.<br />
    <br />
    OK Now. So I'm from MN, USA. And you?<br />
    Hmm what else. I AM a GIRL! [asian to be exact]. I'm also a sophomore haha, whether you think I'm a highschool one or a college one, I'll let you think it :]. Urhhmmm well I play tennis! haha I'm quit excited for my next year. It's the only one I play for school, though saying I can't play many anyways >__<.... And hmmm fantasy movies like Chronicles of Narnias and Harry Potters are QUITE %$#@ING AWESOME. I've watched Twilight, I think it's pretty good too. I like series. haha I think asian series are good too. But then again I like all sorts of films. hehe. Ok let's move on. I am in-like with anime. Though I really wasn't that big on it before. I have a BIG HUGE HEART on HANA KIMI~! I have began to just love Fruits Basket too. &&<br />
    In reality, I'm quite more timid >__<.... So yea. That's about it....I....think....<br />
    <br />
    I FINISHED 1 LITRE OF TEARS! hehe :] haha I'm happy. I found a new Obsession :] it's WONDERBANG xD
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