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    My real name is Jenifer, but I'd rather be called Jen. I'm 20 years old, I live with my Fiancee and have two furry kids named Sunny and Luna. (Yeah... I'm a big cat person lol.) <br />
    I'm a pretty relaxed person and I hate stressing over things I can't change. <br />
    Currently unemployed and just a homemaker, and I really don't mind it that much. It gives me more time to work on drawing and to read a lot. <br />
    I'm smart.... Just the things I'm smart on are mostly just random facts and information that really aren't very useful to know. xD (Like some brands of eyeshadow have bat shit in it.)<br />
    <br />
    If you want to know anything else about me just ask. smile I'm very friendly. Unless your a newb who is asking for money or items.... that's not cool to do... SO DON'T DO TI!! D<<br />
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