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    I like to fancy myself an intellectual, moral person. It is merely that - a fancy. I can self-analyze until I collapse, but I'll never receive concrete evidence that I am truly as I desire to be. Half the time, I'm not even entirely sure what I want. However, as I encounter more and more people, I am led to believe that several things I do and think are not common behaviours. I'm still struggling to accept this, I'll reluctantly admit, but it makes a great deal of sense. To some, I'm intelligent. To others, I bypass what truly matters. Others still see me as a statue of morality and loyalty. Regardless, I've taken into introspection lately - another odd habit. I don't quite know where I picked it up, but I think about myself and if what I think is truly correct or not. Of course, metacognition can be as utterly devastating as a housefire, but at the same time it can feel as well as having achieved something truly important. Whether it really is or not is up for debate, but my pessimism causes me to gravitate toward the former. <br />
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