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  • Artist Info: okur let's see...<br />
    about me:<br />
    -i get bored easily<br />
    -can sleep for a LONG time lol<br />
    -can't think of much on the spot (like now)<br />
    -i luagh at basically anything<br />
    -i write in complete sentences practically all the time (even texting...)<br />
    LIKES<br />
    ~music<br />
    ~friends<br />
    ~sweets<br />
    ~clothes<br />
    ~neon<br />
    ~randomness<br />
    ~hair<br />
    ~hugs (from a certain person that I see at lunch, yeah you know who you are!)<br />
    DISLIKES<br />
    -labels, they just annoy me to so many different levels(i'm not talking about soup labels!!!)<br />
    <br />
    'bout it (not really) PM me some time. <br />
    NOTE: random PMs=awesome random comments(from strangers)=NOT<br />
    REMEMBER : When Life Gives You Skittles, Chuck Them In Someone's Face and Say "Taste The F*cking Rainbow!"
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