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    Name: Call me Vesper.<br />
    Zodiac: Pisces/Monkey<br />
    Accounts: Evanescent Wings/Vesperr<br />
    Avatar Theme: Pixie Gothic Lolita <br />
    Free Time: I wordgame, write my own novel, draw OCs, and run this artshop and <br />
    quest.<br />
    Physical Traits: I have cute freckles, a respectable temper, olive eyes, tawny hair, ivory-toned, not short but not tall, a slender 'twig' with curves, over all; your typical irish complexion. <br />
    Likes: JESUS. Techno/metal/pop/symphonic-rock/instrumental music, Hans Zimmer, Hello Kitty, Celtic mythology, Angels, Fairies, Fantasy novels, My ipod, Writing journals, Lolita/costume lolita fashion, My dsi/pokemon games, The Wordgames, Buying pixels/art online, watching anime (on occasion), buying recently old (1990's-2000) movies.<br />
    Dislikes: Stereo types, the cold weather, current popular trends, mathematics, all dead things, and generally most of the things people hate.
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