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    To all the awesome fckers I meet on gaia;<br />
    You guys totally rocked my socks. And trust me, I'm gonna miss you so much.<br />
    But seeing as some people, who I'm not going to name, are beginning to call me "Fake", or " A liar". I've decided to quit.<br />
    I've taken the time to come on here and chill with the awesome people I love, and even some I don't even like.<br />
    I'll miss you guys so much. Have a good life...<br />
    And to all the people who thought I was "Fake" or "A Liar";<br />
    You have a good life too, and I hope you can stand the thought that you fcked with a good persons life..<br />
    And made her life hell.<br />
    Thanks....<br />
    <br />
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