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  • Artist Info: well uhm, i has the good-goods heart <br />
    WELL uhh my favorite food is tacos or ice cream, my favorite color is red(obviously)... my favorite animal is a wolf or fish (koi fish), fishies are pretty. hmm...what else? ninja <br />
    OH! my favorite thing to do is talk to people and sing a random song... dont be hatin' on me talk2hand . My hobbies are arts and crafts, hiding behind people, and walking and dancing at the same time. mrgreen
    <br />
    and i hate it when people ignore me or dont stay in touch. i will delete you off mai fran's list if you do that D':<br />
    i feal lyke i farted. How is that?<br />
    User Image this be my crazy dog; rose.. she is uhh, very... UNpatent.<br />
    User Image User Image mai behby sisters. dey mean the world to me already. heart <br />
    <br />
    i do arts && dream avis. pm me if you wants 'em. (i dont do good with colored pencils so dont ask Dx)<br />
    i like to rally, so ANYTIME 4laugh <br />
    http://bootygrab.pandaandpenguin.com/index.php<br />
    GOLD O:
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