• Lost inside my broken mind
    Listening to the whisperings
    Of the stars that brightly shine
    Is comfort of the kind
    In grasp is surely mine

    The stars sing sweetly
    The daisies chanting
    The doves fly high
    The lion panting

    Hear the world
    See the world
    Cry out in pain

    Tried to silence
    Stops not the ranting
    God willing

    No hopes, no dreams
    The picture’s shattered
    No person cares
    To them not mattered

    No eyes to see
    No lips to speak
    Yet mind to think
    With scheming wit

    Plot, devise a plan unchallenged
    But wary for the stars

    The stars see all
    The souls of heaven
    Seen and heard
    All reported to them

    Beware of the danger
    Its pace, it quickens
    People would know
    But nobody listens

    The fire taunts the child’s fingers
    The devil’s tongue lashes out

    The beat is dropped
    The heart, cold dead

    Nothing more
    For birdies chirping
    No more sunshine
    The dark is lurking

    The great unknown
    The wild abyss

    Seeing not
    Longing for sound to break the silence

    Snapping bones
    Like crushing blame
    I’m feeling
    Every person’s pain

    Seen are they
    By all and I
    Quiet are they
    For known am I

    Terror, fright
    Without the night
    Never seen by light of day
    Never again, there isn’t a way

    The being of existence
    An unhumane reality
    Welcome to the world
    The world as known by me

    Piercing through my mind
    The voices in my head
    Blurred is all I see
    ‘Til all I know is red

    Tell no one what you see
    Locked away without a key

    Lost in the world
    Lost in the mind
    Nothing to see
    No one is kind

    Nobody knows
    How are they so blind?
    They don’t talk to me
    They tighten the bind

    I see the fire
    Playing, laughing
    I know the stars
    Their mocking ranting

    I fear the end
    The time to come
    When the world
    It’s work undone

    I tell them all
    They need to know
    They won’t believe
    Their minds won’t grow

    They play games inside my brain
    It goes fuzzy, drives me insane
    The clicking clattering clamoring is all I hear
    I know of God and the devil, yet it’s these men I fear

    Among the important
    They hide
    Protection and power
    By light the divine

    No more songs
    No more tears
    Only screams
    As we face our fears

    Heart is broken
    Take a token
    Of my affection
    Never mention
    Times like this
    Times I’ve missed

    Drowning in its flood

    Washing over
    To my soul
    As they seek their right, their wrong
    And I,
    Faced with fears as yet unknown

    The end is near
    For you and me
    So close in coming
    I cannot see

    So close the end
    To far to send

    They will not listen
    The heartbeats quicken

    The end of days
    A burning blaze
    Seen through the haze
    As I gaze

    I see,
    The endless fields of fire as the world burns for it’s ignorance
    I hear,
    Songs of last
    Of things from past
    Of triumph
    Of terror
    Felt the pain as hit by hammer

    Cry out in pain
    Naught left to blame
    From stars to flame
    We feel the pain

    Cold is all I know
    Nothing left to grow

    All at once
    The pain
    It leaves

    All at once
    I’ve left the scene

    I’ve left to see a happy land
    Where everything’s mine
    And all is grand

    But as I run
    The setting sun
    Joins me

    We run together
    Both clad in red
    The color of blood
    Which people have bled

    When the world
    Is corrupt
    And pain
    We hear
    We tell them that
    The end is near

    Ignorant as all the lot
    Humanity, it must be caught

    The way to know
    The end is near
    Watch for the signs
    The end is here

    The rivers run with blood
    The earth quakes beneath my feet
    I see the hurt
    I feel the pain
    Of mortal agony

    Tears run down my face
    And stain it
    Hearts bleeding into mine
    I blame it
    Eyes of blood
    And hearts of tears
    All is clear
    As the end
    The end
    The end
    It nears