• When the world was falling,
    when the sky was dark,
    when the reaper was calling,
    when all was stark.
    When hope was lost,

    A hero came,
    he helped the lame,
    the world had hope.
    The evil came
    to challenge the hero.

    This man accepted,
    the battle raged,
    two forms the evil wore.
    The people poor,
    sheltered this unpaid

    He trained unaided
    to reach the level
    needed to destroy
    this horrible evil.

    Again, the battle was fought,
    the hero was taught,
    at his limit,
    when came a woman
    the evil near its end as well,
    to quell its exhaustion

    Kidnapped the sad woman
    The hero gave chase
    he had a fan
    who helped him face
    fear of another loss.

    The hero, sword in hand,
    found floating land
    on which a fortress sat
    there was a mat
    on which the evil stood.

    The evil hovered menacingly.
    The hero unphased,
    attacked with might.
    The evil was dazed.
    An arrow flew,
    The fortress blazed.

    The hero escaped
    with the woman.
    The joy was short lived,
    a sound rang out,
    which all the land heard.

    The evil was alive!
    The hero fought
    harder than ever.
    The hero sought
    to banish the beast

    The warrior victorious
    banished the creature
    on a day glorious.
    The legend lives on
    with a million teachers.