• Summons Pg. 4

    "I'm so glad I won't end up like that guy." Carmine said as she give a jab gesture to CJ before she was put on a stand then after using the PADs camera to scan the room CJ went ahead to put the cloaked skeleton away before putting his full attention towards the hadron sphere. With periods of emergency polarity inversion to cool the 1st inner ring, CJ walks over to a console to check the system status.

    Looking at the screen, the sphere was activated a 45 years ago but it's hibernation was dated on the same year the entire facility went tonic. Looking at the output gauge, the sphere is emitting high levels of B-F particles, tachyon ions, and proto-wave ions; though one is mainly responsible for the siphons' excess response. Working on dialing down the sphere's activity CJ moves to another console to pull up the security recording within the chamber.

    "You sure there might be something we can find with those recordings? Doesn't security also shut down when the facility goes tonic?" Carmine asked as she gets the stand to move up to where CJ is at.

    Opening a recording of when the chamber was first activated CJ looks at Carmine.

    "Every high profile chambers are built as an individual grid within the facility, so each chamber has it's own power, security, air filter, etc. So incase the entire facility experience a blackout, each chamber won't be affected and the poindexters can continue their studies while we work." CJ stopped as the recording he pulled up was out of focus.

    Carmine looked at CJ and asked, "but if the facility went tonic."

    "Then every chamber would respond and go tonic as well, but since this chamber was opened by this cult looking guy and perhaps his friends, the chamber went back online so every system within the chamber woke up; except for the lights which might've died out." CJ responded while running a program to render the video recording of when the chamber came back online.

    Watching the video with him, Carmine remained quiet as she sees the same cloaked figure followed by 4 others as they walk into the chamber.

    as the figures in the video walk up to the console, the heavily armored figure picks up a security card from his knapsack then used it to activate the console as the hadron sphere came back to life. Somewhere along the line the cloaked figure started to act strange as roaming particles siphoned between him and the sphere.

    As for the rest of his party, only a few particles were replaced.

    CJ switched on a filter for the video and after doing so the cloaked figure and his party were giving off a strange high energy reading with a few excess output emanating around them. One of them began to cast something and used it against the other party members which immobilized them and cast something else on the sphere itself as if he's siphoning energy from it until an overload sequence activated causing a chamber blackout which the recording ended.

    "Seems like the concept of magic actually exist in this world." CJ stated as he tries to open up another video.

    "Well I don't know if everyone in the facility are mages or anything like that, most of you guys are just extraordinary people from a 24th century civilization. And related to monkeys." Carmine replied as she looks over at the corpse of the cloaked figure. "Buddy I don't know what mushroom you've eaten but you guys needed some serious reality check." She looks at CJ as he pulls up a video a year later after the first.

    With the video on display it showed the same party as before except for the one that betrayed them but they weren't alone. The others that came looked more elite and their armor shows that they're in a high ranking position in a church of sort whereas one of them wore a white gilded robe as he approaches the sphere.

    He turns to the party that found it and praises them though the audio was inaudible due to uncontrolled buildup in ions.

    A couple minutes later as they try to remove the sphere an unknown event occurred as the sphere's polarity pulled into a sudden reverse as a strange cloud emerged from it striking the individuals trying to pry it off it's foundation and tearing down a mechanism used to pull it out.

    "Hey CJ, something's up with the sphere." Carmine insisted that CJ takes a look as it starts a sudden polarity shift as the strange cloud started to emerge but instead of appendages the cloud simply focused into one area around itself.

    "Has the King finally come for power?" A dark yet calm voice erupts from the sphere filling the room. "You have no business within this chamber," it paused while scanning the room before the cloud mass focuses in CJ's direction.

    Carmine performs a scan of the sphere as she looked dumbfounded but also amused in a way. "Hey CJ, the sphere is... Alive..."