• An Unexplained What If


    Alejandro Andre’ Ayala

    Fade In:

    Int. October 30, 2008 Middle of the Night

    Shaun wakes up in the middle of the night after seeing a flashing light outside his window.

    Shaun goes back to lie down.

    Fade Out Black:

    Alarm goes off:


    Shaun puts his hand on his alarm to stop the ringing

    Shaun takes a shower, next he brushes his teeth next, the camera sees him walking to the kitchen making a cup of coffee.



    Wow, another boring day of college.

    Cell phone starts to ring:


    Shaun walks over to pick up his cell phone.




    (Frightened and crying)

    Shaun I need your help! There’s people breaking in my house man! There’s like a lot of them out here, they all look sick , I just saw them out my window kill some people! OH god Shaun please come over to help!



    You know what Matt, you pull this same kind of mess every Halloween and I’m getting ticked off because of It!


    (Frightened and crying)

    Shaun……..please! Oh god ones in my room! Help!



    Happy Halloween deuche bag!

    Shaun hangs up his cell phone and puts it in his pocket.

    Shaun grabs his book bag and opens his apartment’s door to leave to school.

    While Shaun was outside, about to close his apartment door, a missile zooms by his head and hit a building. A zombie like person jumps out someone’s apartment window.

    Shaun sees the creature eye to eye, Suddenly he drops his book bag and starts running the other way.

    Behind him, more creatures start running in packs.

    Men, Women and children are running away from these creatures, but some are caught.

    One creature spots Shaun as its prey and begins to speed up then it starts to get on all fours like a dog chase after Shaun.

    In front of Shaun appearing from the distance are soldiers and officers firing their weapons.

    Shaun tries to run faster to the soldiers for help noticing the creature being him is chasing him.

    The creature jumps at Shaun, suddenly, an officer fires at the creature in the head and it falls down.


    (Out of breath)

    Nice shot!


    I hope the thing stays down.


    Usually in a zombie movie, if you shoot one in the head, it should stay down.

    The creature gets back up and jumps back at Shaun.

    The other soldiers start firing their weapons at it.


    Well, I guess that’s not a zombie kid.

    Soldier receives orders from the walky-talky.


    I’ve received order from the chief that this town is under red alert. The bombing of this city will begin at 3:00. That will give us more than enough time to get as many survivors as possible and air lift them out of the city. Officers, listen up, I need you to get out this city as soon as possible with your families we need the soldiers to stay behind. The virus is spreading way to quickly. Do I make myself clear.



    Soldier’s are telling people to get in the helicopter.

    Shaun gets in the helicopter with other survivors, and sits down.

    Shaun puts his hands over his face and starts to cry.

    Helicopter takes off.


    s**t! I’ve lost Matt and now what the hell am I suppose to do.

    SOLDIER 1:

    First of all, try calming down!


    Whats going on here!

    SOLDIER 1:

    The army doesn’t know!

    Soldier 1 receives orders on walky-talky from the army.

    SOLDIER 1:

    You gotta be shitten me, It can’t be spreading that fast!

    Soldier hangs up walky-talky.

    SOLDIER 1:

    Alright everybody listen up, we are not able to leave out the city, so we’re going to have to land in a military base area located near by.


    Can’t leave the city? Why not.

    SOLDIER 1:

    The virus has already spread out of the city. It’s spreading like a common cold but ten times faster.

    While the helicopter is in the air creatures start climbing buildings and start jumping off to get to the helicopter.

    People on the helicopter start screaming.

    Helicopter starts turning around in circles.

    SOLDIER 1:

    Everybody, hold on!

    A lady is holding her children are praying.

    Shaun closes his eyes.

    Everything becomes silent, people mouths are moving but, no sound is coming out of them. One soldier is shooting bullets at the creature but, there isn’t any sound.(everything is moving slowly)

    The helicopter is about to land.(slow motionn)

    Suddenly, the helicopter lands and starts grinding against the ground. Creatures start falling off the helicopter.( Sound comes back)

    Soldier face expression is tense.

    The helicopter slowly comes to a stop.

    SOLDIER 1:

    Everyone get out the helicopter now and head inside to base!

    Two soldiers get out the chopper first and everybody else starts following behind them.

    Creature jumps from on top of the chopper attack a soldier and touches him.

    The attacked soldier start screaming.

    The other soldier starts firing his gun at the creature.

    Soldier goes up to the attacked soldier and say “ Get it together”

    More are following behind them

    Soldiers start coming out of the base and start firing their weapons at the creatures.

    The rest of the people rush into the base.

    Part 2 will be online soon