• I Close My Eyes And See Something Else Than Darkness,
    A Very Faint Light.
    Heavy Glow.
    But I Know Its Not A Good Type Of Light.
    It Glows Red And A Strange Color Of Green.
    Most People In Curiosity Would Go Towards It.
    There Fate Is Sealed By It.
    I Am Smart.
    Curiosity Doesn't Get The Best Of Me.
    I Look Away.
    Something Else Is Glowing.
    In The Other Direction.
    No Wait.
    There's More Than That.
    There's Like...
    Billions Of Them.
    Like The Stars In Space
    Some Are Some Bright And Young
    Some Are Very Faint And Dying.
    Others Are Good,
    But Most Are Bad.
    I Stare With The Other Survivors.
    We Have Won.
    Now We Must Survive The
    and Death
    . . .
    Sometimes I Wonder If The Easy Way Was The Way To Go.
    Can't Turn Back.
    Life Isn't Easy Now.
    Now Our Fate Is Sealed.
    Now The Real Question Is...
    Which Light Would You Choose?