• After the test I was like NO WAY!! I never knew i could type like that. I guess it's a miracle that i can even survive a timer like that. Now i am here behind the main controller barely keeping up with the speed that i see on T.v, in fact i had to look behind again to ascertain and all i could say is that i am doing it good with a few held together words here and there but i can edit it once i am done. But most of the time it's like i am on auto-correct cos i know what I am typing.
    So, back to what i was saying. Behind the controller and my workstations are full given that i have only two of them.... plus the bundles i loaded in the morning must be somewhere between three- quarter to a half of it. cos i actually spent it online in Gaia doing what i usually do- Wasting it up on social media, I guess it's about time i started being serious about making money with it.
    Done with that, I really have to find a way to raise enough cash to go to Aunt's place in Dry country (relax, that is the nickname i gave it a very long time ago) that be about 300 from the City center and additional 200 for station A to the actual stage....... Okay just kidding maybe 50 could do. You know how the mind of a hustler works? Don't you? the maths is done with the very least amount of cash possible in mind, -P.s- i keep on stealing glances at my two station occupants and more so the equipment every time i see something in the color of Orange or it's variants.. cos that’s an indicator of finished data plan.-
    anyway that’s me, breaking rules and deviating with the thoughts, Never mind my digressing, you will find it all over..... So----WAIT!- oooh snap!! i thought i saw an error message of data depletion..................waiting...... yep! it was totally an error message, but i realized it too late. by then, the occupant on the first station was struggling with processing, the second occupant was almost done, it was a matter of logging the credentials out, since this data plan l ...
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