• "Bound"

    Seems like my future is always changing.
    Why does my heart have a million faces?
    Somehow my heart's always compromising
    and my head over-analyzing.
    Irresponsible words are on replay
    like "reach for the stars" or "it's a new day".
    I don't need to be extraordinary.
    Why can't I be happy with ordinary?
    So much others have that I can't be,
    there are a million more faces I wish were me.
    Doing ordinary things that I'll never do
    making their wishes that can't come true.
    Our lives are bound together in millions of places
    and yet we're divided like so many pages.
    Our stories run parallel but they don't intersect.
    We're just a page in a book that we long to perfect.
    My soul bleeds on a page that might never be read
    and makes me wish I was someone with their own book instead.
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