• Chapter 11: The Godfather of Fog-Gandros

    The sea was relatively calm this trek, unlike the trek from leaving Emerald Kavala, so Rouvin didn’t need the seasick remedy this time around.
    “This crime wave Priscilla mentioned,” Valerius murmured aloud. “What could be causing it?”
    The captain’s first mate heard Valerius. The first mate was a Dwarf with gray-peach skin, black hair and beard, and dark purple eyes. He wore an outfit similar to a buccaneer, only he was a lawful sailor.
    “Well, friend,” said the first mate, “there is a very well-formed criminal syndicate within Foggandropolis. The godfather of this syndicate is said to be a very skilled strategist. While he himself is no disciple of Erebus, I’m sure he would make a deal with that villain first chance he got! He will make a quick drachma any way he is able—legal or otherwise!”
    “Who is this godfather?” asked Valerius.
    “Very few have seen him,” answered the first mate. “And fewer still survive to tell what he looks like, so it’s hard to tell for sure. He has the appearance of an elf, but he certainly is no friend of the elves of Emerald Kavala, mark my words on that.”
    “Right,” sighed the human hero, “I’ll be on my guard.”
    “Fog-Gandros Island is near!” cheered the captain.
    “We’re closing in on the port,” said Nauplius.
    The ship soon arrived at the port on the southwest corner of the island. The four heroes soon disembarked from the boat.
    “Don’t worry,” said the captain. “Your voyage has been paid for by Governor Firastratus.”
    “Give him our thanks,” said Valerius.
    The four soon followed the trail to the city of Foggandropolis.

    The city of Foggandropolis was similar to a high-technology city in South Korea or Japan, except it was in the Greek style, of course. Large skyscrapers, built with the latest technologies to withstand fierce storms and tremendous earthquakes, made up the city. The second-tallest tower wa ...
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