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Charactes I use in RPs
This page is for my OCs for series based roleplays. Starters are on the next two pages

Most of these had to be built out of tekteks since I could not find suitable pictures for them.

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Name: Siegfried
Age: 103
Bio: A cyber demon, originally a human mobster in the 1930s, gunned down after a hostile takeover he sacrificed his humanity for power and spent years in the inferno, undergoing various proceadures and experiments before setting foot on earth again in order to do bidding for his 'master' however he was never the type to take orders.

Weapons and abilities: In his human form he relies on a weaponized guitar, an axe blade at the base and a gun in the neck. He possesses an alternate demon from covered in metal armor with an arsenal of weapons and gadgets at his disposal.

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Name: Discord
Series: Fairy Tail
Age: 21
Magic: Gambler's Luck
Bio: An ex member of Phantom Lord, Discord is an enigma among Fairy Tail, no one knows his his history or his real name. It comes to no surprise that Discord is a gambler, he is always looking to make bets or play cards, because of this he'll take any job that pays so he can afford his gambling bills. Discord is rather easy going and will work with almost anyone. He calls himself the luckiest man alive, and for good reason, he expels good luck to those around him, unless he's in battle, where his luck is focused into his equipment. He can also absorb the luck in a given area and even draining luck from his opponent, but this requires physical contact and depending how much luck a person has it takes a long time to fully drain them. He can also give luck in the same way.

Theme Song

Current Equipment:

Slot Machine - Enchanted sword, drawing it causes a random effect chosen by the slots in its guard.

Roulette - Magic gun, only fires half the time. Damage multiplied by each previous misfire.

Hand of Fate - Enchanted deck of playing cards, suit and face value determine card's effect:

Spades: Explosive
Clubs: Razor Edges
Diamonds: Defensive Shield
Hearts: Healing

52 Pickup: Discord throws the entire deck into the area, all cards explode with random elemental effects, high chance of damaging caster.

Stellar Spirit Key: Lady Luck - Rarely used as Lady Luck only appears when she feels like it.

Summoning Dice - A pair of dice when rolled summons a spirit creature for use in combat.

BlackJack - Extremely powerful machine gun that can only be acquired by drawing a blackjack with the Hand of Fate. Use is limited to only twenty one seconds.

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Overluck Form - Discord's ace in the hole, he breaks the rules and cheats with all of his items, controlling the outcomes. Discord only uses this form if there is no other option. The downside of using this is afterwords Discord becomes extremely unlucky for an unknown period of time, known as the Cooldown State. In this state Discord is extremely vulnerable to attack. It's possible but extremely rare that he could get Lady Luck's permission to break the rules in truly dire situations.

Name: Ryu Uchigawa
Series: Bleach

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Shikai Release: (Command: "Burn the city to the ground!" wink

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Bankai: (Not yet obtained)

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Squad: 12
Rank: N/A (Experiment)
Bio: Shortly after his graduation from the Soul Reaper academy, Ryu was sent to squad 12, apparently picked by Captain Mayuri himself. What he didn't know was that he would be subject to his experiments. The captain was interested in what made Zanpakuto spirits the way they were and tried to manufacture Ryu's into something more powerful. In a way it worked but it seems that Vitras, Ryu's Zanpakuto spirit may have been corrupted because of it. As a precaution there have been limiters placed on him to restrict any excessive and unauthorized use of his power.


Name: Satsui Kurosawa
Series: Soul Eater
Age: 18


Bio: The last remaining survivor of a village that was attacked by a witch, she captured the villagers and transformed them into her demon minions. She had begun the transformation ritual but was interrupted before it was completed, leaving Satsui with a demon's arm. He has chosen to join the school, hoping to use this new arm he had gotten to kill those that would do the same to others.

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Name: Brendan Rivero
Series: Fallout New Vegas
Age: 27

Current Status: Outlaw

Bio: A criminal that wanders the wasteland disguised as a member of the NCR, using it to con, bully or force people to give him supplies and caps. He's not above resorting to violence to get his way at the same time, he'll do someone a favor if he thinks he can gain their trust only to screw them over later. Recently he's grown interested in New Vegas and has a weakness for Sunset Sarsaparilla.

Modern Day:
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Name: Lino Poletti
Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Age: 16 (present) 26 (future)

Flame: Storm

Bio: A member of the Poletti family, he is to be the 6th boss in the family line after his father relinquishes the position to him. Allied with the Vongola the Poletti family is always eager to help out when needed. Lino especially eager to be sent into battle, looking to please his father. In battle he prefers to be faster than his opponent which is why he wears roller blades and clawed gloves using smaller and quicker attacks to tire out his opponent. He has a bit of an obsession with dinosaurs and is never afraid to flaunt it.

In the future he expresses his obsession through his choice of box weapons. Aside from and upgraded pair of roller blades with bladed wheels, he has a pair of raptors, Amadeo and Ginevra. The pair work independently, and can devise tactics with or without Lino's input. He also has Gilberto, a skeletal T-rex that breathes storm flames that can fossilize organic matter.

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Name: DeathScythe
Series: Pathfinder - (Can be used in various settings)
Race: Obitu
Class: Grim Reaper
Age: 188

Bio: It had been so long since he was alive, he remembers little of it. What he does remember is that he used to have a family, one that was taken away from him by a man, a vampire, one of power that had many under his power. As an act of cruelty DeathScythe was buried alive. He did not know how long he struggled in his casket but eventually he broke out and dug his way out. As he rose a skeleton he realized too late that he was a carrier of the vivification virus, a disease that melts flesh and muscle, leaving bone behind. When he finally rose his mind was clouded with rage and a lust for vengeance. He had forgotten his name and his previous life but remembered his pain. He vowed to never let another go through the same thing as he named himself DeathScythe as to put fear in his enemies, carrying the image of Death to remind the undead he hunted of the thing they could no longer escape in his presence. He had long lost his humanity, emotions no longer familiar to him.

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Name: Orrin Draken
Series: Rosario + Vampire
Age 15
Species: Dragon

Bio: Son of a powerful leader of the mafia, his only reason for coming to Yokai is to find a suitable mate to please his father before he passes his rank down to him. As a black dragon he has a natural affinity for black magic and he's not afraid to throw it around. Always ready to pick a fight to prove his worth to potential females.

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Name: Necktie
Series: Panty and Stocking
Age: 440

Bio: A renegade demon, tired of all the rules and regulations of Hell he left for the carefree and unrestrained lifestyles of the humans, taking pleasure in their spoils. He considers themselves neutral in the battles of angel and demon, he may temporarily give his aid to one side or the other for the right price but he generally doesn't care about the people involved.

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Name: Asaph Duffy
Title: The Weapon Alchemist
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Age: 25

Bio: Earning his state certification at the age of 21 he was dubbed The Weapon Alchemist for his affinity for weapons and his ability to mass produce weapons with alchemy that would be difficult to construct otherwise. His automail right arm was custom built and acquired by personal choice. With retractable claws and his transmutation circle carved into it, it is his personal favorite weapon. His first deployment was at Fort Briggs to assist with the lack of weapons and supplies at the time, his many scars were gained from an attack from one of the grizzly bears in the area, he wears them as a sign of pride, his excuse to not wear a shirt on most cases.

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Name: Hermenegild Brant
Series: Attack on Titan
Age: 28

Bio: A member of the recon group for two years now, he fights only for the sole reason of fighting, regardless of how hopeless the situation is. In his own words: "I'd rather be killed out there trying to fight those ******** than be caught pissing my pants in a corner somewhere. I'll meet them on the front lines and I'll do it with a smile, one to match their own!" His brash attitude causes him to quickly rush into a fight but he seems to have a natural instinct for combat. Some of his squadmates suspect that his mental health may be in question, others write it off as a self-defense mechanism against the hardships of this life.
Anything below this are just tektek avis that I am saving here for future use.

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