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OC Profile List
For my OCs' profile.Main profile pictures for all characters are drawn by me.Thank you all who kindly spare some time drawing them! X"3
OC - Oleander Miseria
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| Default Outfit + Full Reference |

"I am someone who you will regret meeting."

Full Name: Oleander Miseria
Age: 16 years old
Type/Race: Human
Gender: Male
Family: Adoptive grandparents,unknown parents,twin older brother (separated from birth)
Birthdate: April 4
Likes: -
Hates: -

Personality and Background:
Someone who views his life as a meaningless,vicious cycle of doing never-ending repetitive tasks;he doesn't pay much attention to how he fares and others around him as long as he got what it takes to keep on living.He's an intelligent boy and attends his class in high-school regularly like a good student he shaped himself to be.

He was found as an infant in front of an old couple 's house during a stormy night - whoever left him there made sure that he's safe enough from the raging storm and left a single note 'I fear this child is different from his twin brother'.Sure enough,Oleander is different;he possess 6th sense which allows him to see and talk with ghosts.

When he was little,he saw a girl in his kindergarten being pushed down to her death by a woman from the rooftop right in front of him.Since everyone around him claimed that no one is around said girl when that happened,he knew what he saw is not human thus keeping quiet about his ability to see ghosts.He confronts the ghost woman afterwards,asking her why she did that.The ghost woman replied that she hates the girl for taking her life from her,for separating her from the man she loved the most.Understanding what she meant,he asked her again if she loves her daughter or not and is killing her is not making her feeling guilty.She answered negatively,saying that the child is a burden;a mistake that's not supposed to be in this world.

The experience during his young age made Oleander ponders what exactly 'love' is.His adoptive grandparents loves him and raise him as their own son.The stories about family,love and honor mixes with the stories about regret,jealousy and pain from his grandparents and ghosts he met makes him wonder what exactly humans trying to accomplish in their life;a peaceful life?Love and being loved?Hate and being hated?Selfishly live their own way,greedily snatch everything in their way to fulfill their own desire without considering others' pain and needs?Will human simply or ever be satisfied with their life with things they have in hands and life?

Oleander spends his free time roaming around the town he grew-up,observing how humans and non-human being lived,occasionally chat with the ghosts who's mostly eager to share their own stories to someone who can see them.He,however,never interfere in situations where the dead intrude on a living person's life;what the ghost do and what will happen to the human is none of his concern - isn't that what life is about,to prioritize yourselves over than anyone and anything else?

| By: CauIiflower |

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