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OC Profile List
For my OCs' profile.Main profile pictures for all characters are drawn by me.Thank you all who kindly spare some time drawing them! X"3
OC - Ivan Est Memphisto
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Full name: Ivan Est Memphisto
Age: Unknown.Doesn't remember when he is made or where he comes from
Type/Race: Living Doll (originally a 168cm in height BJD)
Gender: Male
Birthdate: February 14 (decided by Eri)
Owner: Eri
Likes: Mirrors,boiled century eggs,poker games
Hates: Never care about this matter

A Living Doll who is full of himself;his level of confidence in himself is so high and he doesn't give a f**k about what others think about him or the things he does.He was gifted to Eri on her journey to a world where dolls are highly regards as an important companion to someone.He only awaken as a Living Doll after they leave said world,making Eri wonders how it happens.

Ivan is a sassy doll and love mirrors very much he spends most of his time gazing at his own reflection in the many mirrors he has in his collection.He is also a little perverted;he teases people,especially his owner by groping their butt,commenting about it with whatever thoughts that come across his mind when he performed said action.

He is a 'my pace' and 'obey me' kind of doll and will always get what he wants.He won't take 'no' as an answer.He loves being the center of attention and showered with compliments.Although he is a doll,he eats and drinks like regular human;he enjoys unique and spicy food and hates bitter food especially bitter gourd.He,however enjoys coffee and drink it three times a day everyday.He loves poker games and gambling(much to Eri's dismay) and will mostly win in every game he played.Surprisingly though he is good in housework and cooking,making him the one who usually do the chores at home.He clips his bangs with a jumbo paper clip whenever he does housework.

Hair - Purple with three red streaks; straight; neck length
Eyes - Left:Violet Right:Yellow
Mole - One on left lower lip
Height - 5'6".He is taller than his owner by a few centimeters


| By: ram-mari | By: Azanaxaph |

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