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OC Profile List
For my OCs' profile.Main profile pictures for all characters are drawn by me.Thank you all who kindly spare some time drawing them! X"3
OC - Eri

Full name: Eri
Age: Unknown (her appearance is a 18 years old)
Birthdate: ?? July
Gender: Female
Likes: Watching how people in different time and universe live,Mint ice-cream,cream puffs
Hates: A lot of things that won't fit here if they're mentioned

A fangirl,time and universe traveler.Her many hobbies include chasing and stalking her favorite characters from the universes she traveled to,annoying the heck out of said chased/stalked characters.Although she clings to the chased/stalked characters way too much,the thoughts of having a serious relationship with them had never crossed her mind - she's not interested in said thing and pay zero attention to it.A childish,optimistic and cheerful female,she spends most of her time taking pictures of things that interest her in the world she's visiting.

She always traveled with a magical waist bag that contain a pen which ink will never run out(she uses this to draw the 'hole' leading to a world or time she wanted to go),a notebook which pages will automatically refill itself on a certain time if they're being ripped off,a wallet which contain money with the currency of the world she's in(there's a limit of 500 note per day she 'summon' from the wallet though and said note must be use on the day she took it out or it'll turn into paper the next day if she didn't use them)and a laptop,cell phone and camera where their batteries' power will never run out.

Hair - Black; pigtails - thigh length.
Eyes - Hazel with gold hue.

Under construction.

| By: snowy15708 |

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