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My Life, My Story, My Battle, My Path, My Past, My Journey, My Experiences, and My Heart. ♥
The Battle of The Bands Chapter 3
The Battle of The Bands

Chapter 3: The New Crew

We were winners yet again. Despite being called losers all this time. You-know-who took inspiration by our formula...somewhat. Every time she performed solo. Solo didn't work all those times so she decided she's dragging her friends to Hell along with her. Her loss made her more determined to win and make everyone like her when really everyone is afraid. Like that even needs to be said. Anyways, some time had past and Annette had another "quiet" period. She had to come up with a whacky harebrain scheme to get us down! So she did. She tried. She tried with all of her might. We did more concerts and shows and school was almost over and not that far from Kira and I getting married. We were able to do more tours and all kinds of things! Chiyo had servants she wanted, Kiku got to help save wildlife and animals as an activist, Youkai got the money to buy the gigantic pizza he always wanted, and then Kira and I had an idea of our fairytale future to come.

Onto Annette's "band". It was her and her clan of tanned, druggy, Jersey Shore, sporty normy friends. Namely her, Cameran, and her precious little boyfriend "Kevy". (If you heard that last one in the whiniest voice ever it's pretty accurate.) They wanted to cash in on the new alternative scene so they tried scene. Annette's scene name is "Angel" and Cameran's is "Baby Girl". Both are nicknames that their DJ/rapper/BF probably called them. It is not like they knew they were sharing. Mostly Annette though. Their band name is based on that one Madonna song. "The Material Girls" It was the preppiest pop group I've seen since the 2000s. They wanted to be as edgy as possible but still be normy preps and keep their pink stuff. Annette wears her new and improved tiara with pearl and Cameran also has one except it was more silver and had pink jewels. Annette's hair was let down and longer and dying more badly flattened in gold with random pink streaks and hair clips. Even her bad make-up refuses to evolve. She only uses the label to be like The Millionaires but to also have an excuse for that messy liner. Cameran still has chola make-up but her hair was tried to nothing bleached extra and had bad pink on most of it! Cameran's beefy eyebrows are more hispanic and overdrawn than ever! And she still does too much green eyeshadow to match her eyes drawn on mole and all. How did this trainwreck become competition you may ask? Well, yes...and no. They got thousands of fans via the internet but mostly because Cameran Sloane's dad is in the mafia and they're both silver spoons and Country Clubbers. Plus technically pop is still relevant. A lot of the fans were those young confused insecure girls that try so hard to be something they're not. I'm glad I was never like that. Our audiences were opposites but even so they had what it took to be in The Battle of The Bands. Mostly fans. But even still. Those blonde zombie bimbos will figure it out eventually...hopefully. Who am I kidding? I'm just being nice!

We ended up bumping tours and having to do shows together despite our grudge we needed the money, we love our art and sharing it with the world, and plus we always knew who did better. Even fans were disappointed in Angel and Baby Girl. Especially since her BF only mixes the beats and does these weird raps and Annette just wanted to be liked and so much. They did stripper and popstar dances like Miley Cyrus, Madonna, and Britney Spears. Some even booed and threw food at them! Like fruit. My friends and I were above doing that sort of thing but a lot of wanted too especially Youkai. What a scamp!
Another thing about their band since that will be most of this is that another part of why they rushed into this band thing was because having acting roles was too hard for them. Yep. You heard me right. They became a band because of an unsuccessful film career. Besides, they lied about their measurements even when modelling. These bimbo birds never do ANYTHING right! Plus their dads and a lot of other people coddled them up with stuff like "You did your best effort sweetie you tried". No wonder why they have those semi-sexist infantilizing nicknames. They might even be lucky to be a sugar baby in my eyes. They even have songs about it like "Sugar daddy bling bling get me another diamond ring ring I want to profit from this totally like fling fling".

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It reminded me of Courtney Stodden and Lolita. This worked for them though. It was probably normal people. You know, the hip hop crowd that never ever shuts up about it. And besides whenever we'd tour or be on stage together Annette couldn't take her eyes off of me and her diva attitude was poisonous. She would even b***h on stage too. She always did crazy beauty treatments like spray tanning, icing her face like the wire hangers lady, lotions, facemasks, etc. You name it! She looked like an alien not of this world from it. We went through this everyday.
"Excuse me!" Annette said head popping from her trailer. She had on sunglasses, spray tan, a mud mask, and a thing on her hair. She was in a pink fuzzy robe.
"Good luck." I said softly.
"Excuse me?"
"Just...yeah. I know we had our issues but I still hope you do well today." I said playing with my fingers.
"You're trying to jynx me! Or your a liar! Hmph!" She replied going back inside.

There was a small contest show with both our bands playing. We had a leg up and she had 2 down. Figuratively not in a pervy way! They started first. The Material Girls was at it again! And much like us they had a newer album as well called Golden Girls which is ALSO stolen! From and old lady show no less.
"Gimme gimme gimme more money" They sang in unison.
They sounded and looked like trainwrecks but I tried to be nice and stay quiet even if the audience wouldn't. They both came in from the sides of the stage trying to be dramatic. They walked in like they were swans then DJ K would do the beat. Whenever you heard him it was like Aqua's song Barbie Girl. They were in mini dresses and looked pretty bare. It was embarassing because Cameran has huge tits and Annette will never have any until there's money for it. I covered my eyes at the dancing it was just so weird to have them shake their butts like that. It was like The p***y Cat Dolls. Annette had her blonde hair with pounds of extensions and hair clips ranging from yellow to gold, tiny brown brows, thick black mascara and eyeliner, light fading blue eyeshadow, oily patted brown orange tan skin, and a tiny little black dress with some hot pink stuff on it. Cameran had on a dress that looked like a homecoming dress cut a lot shorter and it was blue and purple and sparkly. Her hair was flat, overbleached, and barren from too much bleach and hot pink had most of it. She had fat eyebrows, falsies, thick black pointed eyeliner, drawn on mole again, red blush, jungle green eyeshadow, sunburnt faded skin, and really dark pink lipstick. They got booed again and thrown off stage and security had to cuff and arrest them and make them sit down for our performance.
Vampire Rose came as we did and the audience was excited. We sang our usuals and sang " Zombie Blondes" just to spite them.
"No fair!" Annette whined and kicked like a toddler. "DADDY! KEVY! MAKE THEM STOP THEY'RE DOING BETTER THAN ME!"
There was nothing that could be done so she cried the rest of tour for not winning again and the whining only made the audience throw more food at her.

An announcement was made The Golden Girls album was released and CD it said "platinum album". I guess they mean it in a ghetto hip hop kind of way I guess. There was COMING SOON! posters littered everywhere!

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They got to use a wad of cash again. It was Jem and The Holograms Vs. The Misfits. They got to the top too but we were topper if that makes sense. Even so they got a lot of success and decided to update the look because it wasn't working. Angel/Annette had shorter hair teased and let down, more of a natural grey blonde despite choppiness, more yellow and cheesy hoops, bright fire engine red lipstick too waxy and glossy, less of a bad tan but still very orange, thin super high dragqueen clown eyebrows, and heavy obvious red and pink blush. Cameran/Baby Girl had the golden hair back but it could be a wig/weave it is also pretty grey blonde but darker, silver and golden eyeshadow made with glitter, gold lipstick, ponytail, and more glittery clothes. They tried to look lush and like gold bars but really they just looked like a brick.They looked like bad Barbie dolls that got make-up smeared on them. It was their poppiest album to date!

Bored with the current pop scene another contestant and possible rival a girl named Gina Kowaru vowed to be a pop star and stay unique. You know like Bjork and Lady Gaga or Ivy in the Scott Pilgrim comics. And a good portion of Tumblr too. Even Miley Cyrus does that! But yeah the concept is like how Annette wanted to have a band and this girl wants a career. She gets it and a LOT of popularity too and also gets put in The Battle of The Bands. Her persona is called "Gigi" like Goku's wife in Dragon Ball Z. Especially as time turns to the future in Chiyo's actual timeline Gina is her rival in Hollywood. They even go to highschool together at one point/ That makes her another band rival. I remember meeting her. She reminded me a lot of Ranka Lee and sometimes dresses like Bulma. She walked in. She looked so fake that her whole wig practically fell off! Her natural hair is green like forests, jungles, nature, life, and mint. It is cut into a bob and it would sometimes be shoulder length or look like a pumpkin. She had choppy bangs, orange eyes and make-up, orange gradient lipstick, and always in mixed up clothing but mostly sticking to yellow, gold, green, and orange. She wears many wigs and tries very, circle lenses, gyaru eye make-up, star earrings, dolly clothes and stuff as bright as the 80's and tries very hard to be unique and therefore isn't! She even had Lady Gaga sunglasses. I facepalmed.
"I am very grateful to work with you." Gina said trying to sound cute but also serious and artsy but came out sounding snooty. I could tell me and Chiyo were getting glares from her. She even stuck her nose up and was also very spoiled.
Chiyo glared back with her intense deep grey black eyes that look just like Black Beauty.
The record company made us all work together much like The Material Girls. At least she wasn't as pigheaded. Just stupid at most. Whatever it may be. It doesn't matter. We're ALL going to be walking The Red Carpet for The Battle of The Bands.

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