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My Life, My Story, My Battle, My Path, My Past, My Journey, My Experiences, and My Heart. ♥
The Battle of The Bands Chapter 2
The Battle of The Bands

Chapter 2: The Talent Show 2

After making it to Hollywood and fastly spreading worldwide we had another situation on our hands. Not only were we making our own albums and songs but we also had competitors. Mostly the usual ones. Other bands trying to steal our style and feed off our mojo or that one bratty little child who wanted success too. Far more than we ever could. She needed everyone to love her and have her way and rule the world so she could never be satisfied. But she wasn't in band battling then but she still wanted to market her own success as a pop princess. Good luck to her! We struggled with keeping up with school and band practice as well as concerts so we stuck with school but still did some stuff like American Idol, X Factor, and just shows in general. We especially gained an extreme cult following in Japan and Korea! What a dream come true! But for now I had to keep dreaming and doing my homework!
I was sitting in the band/acting class room writing down some lyrics for our new album and songs. I was sitting all by my lonesome until I heard a noise!
It was.......Kiku!!!!
I jumped and jerked and dropped my pencil gasping for air.
"I figured I'd be honest this time!" Kiku said smiling at me like the cute little loli she is.
"But Kami-sama Jesus not like that!" I said holding my heart. Kiku was always quiet and while she still was compared *cough* chatty bratty gabby Annette and Camera *cough*
Despite my surprise I wasn't surprised. I knew what she meant. It was this year's School Talent Show yet again! Yes, we won last time and yes we have ACTUAL talent and merit we STILL won with luck. It was a fluke! We just tripped and fell on fame that time! Plus would it be tooting our own horns or something?
"We have to enter this thing again." Kiku generally said(I kind of forget sorry).
"Why?" I asked.
She gave me a look.
"But what if we lose?" I ask again and she gives me another look.
"You know who's going to be at it again, right?" As if that even needed to be said.
"Well if we went in...would it be kind of like...gloating?" I asked her unsurely.
"Even so Annette has to be coming up with a new trick this time." Kiku said smartly because she IS the smart one after all!
"Right, right..." I agreed. "But wouldn't that mean we do something new?"
"Yes but I have faith in us and so does God. I guess we will have to come up something new." Kiku nodded to me.
I fell over with a chibi sad gloom over me. She just hugged me and touched our cheeks together. At least her attitude cheers me up. Besides, she's practically a scientist! Why should I even argue?

Today for fun we matched our make-up and accessories and held hands skipping about because it's kind of lulzy when the alternative goth kids do it especially. Lol. We walked arm in arm doing strides making random jokes here and there. We were early to school so we just skipped around merrily inside and outside. Right when we were on the yard Cameran stopped us. She held her up and we were forced into a halt nearly skidding if we were cars we'd be screwed!
"Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?" Annette asked with a smirk.
"Scandal!" Cameran said taking notes ready to mass text and tell to the yearbook commitee.
"What...you mean like...us?" I said my brain was starting to hurt. I think these stupids had a rotting brain disease and that they spread it by contact and their breath and stuff.
"Lesbians!" Cameran said and they were laughing. They were giggling and pointing at us.
"Oh, are you one of those Satanic lesbian goths that runs around naked with your cult full of witches?" Annette said pointing at us thinking she was so tough and clever.
"First of all it's called a 'coven'." Kiku replied which almost stopped all the laughing in just that 1 secound alone.
"And second by that logic wouldn't you ALSO be lesbians?" Kiku added smartly making a face at them. It nearly silenced those dumb harpies.
"Yeah, well...no, um..." Annette stumbled and we leaned in saving the laughter for later.
"Think of something! Think of something!" Cameran repeated over and over again. She wasn't even quiet about it either.
"I know, I know..." Annette stumbled yet again.
"Um..." Cameran said looking down squeezing her dumbass bimbo brain to think. It looked like it hurt her. We experienced a lot of secondhand dumb blone syndrome.
"Well we're like, not..." Annette said confused.
"Prove it." We said we each had smiles on our faces and raised eyebrows. We tried to contrain the amusement since we were trolling them.
"Um, I, um..." They said brokenly.
"Well we don't touch! And get close like that!" Annette blurted with shock in her eyes.
"Yeah!" Cameran cheered. They thought they got us so good. It was barely even being on the spot anymore.
"We hold hands...and hug." I said awkwardly cringing.
"Yeah..." They agreed.
"And sometimes we have sleepovers, do make-up, fall asleep, take baths together...etc."
"Yeah! And that's sexual and disgusting!" Annette said trying to pin it down.
"Yeah!" Added Cameran since her brain was as empty as a bucket full of nothing.
"But don't YOU guys do?" I asked with emphasis.
"Yeah. I mean at the spa." Annette said rubbing her neck and Cameran went silent. Those spa treatments must boil that brain.
"So you're a lesbian." I said flat out.
"Well you may have won this time but the war is not over yet!" She said snooty turned her nose up and walked away.
Kiku and I just laughed and did high5s until we went to class and bell rang.

"Today class we will be learning about the history of biology starting with the ameba." Our teacher calmly said.
I was sooooooo booooorrrreeeedddddd. He shut the lights off and did a slideshow. And speckles of lights were all over the classroom. Everyone oohed and ahhed but not me. It would be cool if it didn't do the same thing my vampire flesh does in the sunlight. I almost fell asleep. Kiku took the notes intensely and I figured I'd copy them later. Because it's like whatever. I don't give a F***. It means nothing. Throughout the day it was normal but Annette seemed...off. Yeah. She was a capital b***h who thinks she's the Fashion Police but she was quieter? Maybe this was like what Kiku said earlier. She must be putting more effort and money into this one. I swear that girl thinks she's Britney Spears. Seriously.

Kiku and sat outside by the tree as we ate lunch together. We had some Hello Kitty bento boxes Kiku made herself. We had them in Japanese backpacks with pandas and bows on them. The sushi, onigiri rice rolls, Pocky, seaweed sheets, potstickers, rice, sea salt icecream popsicles, Japanese Kitkats, tea, Ramen with fake and real beef, kalamari, Hello Panda, dumplings/dango, Ramune, hotdog octopuses, and strawberry Japanese bakery rolls tasted divine.
"So..." Kiku said chewing on some dango. "What should we do then?"
I thought about it a while as I held my chopsticks.
"Well if Annette is planning something big I guess we could try bigger...I mean if it isn't bragging..." I was still unsure. Normally I would jump at the opportunity to stomp my rival but we still had the world's biggest advantage.
"Maybe recruit for new members?" Kiku suggested her big red eyes popping with surprise.
"Naw! That's kid stuff!" I said shrugging it off leaning back on the tree.
"Raven we did that last year." She reminded me.
"Oh yeah. We did." I blinked. It was monstrous Epic Fail.
"But don't we already have good members?" I sat up.
"I guess we do but we need to do something..." Kiku tried her best to stay positive at least she did the favor of telling me.
"Maybe new equipment or flip to our album? More edge?" I suggested still kind of unsure.
"What about more sweetness? Maybe make a balance of happy music, sad music, and rock music?"
"No that might be too sweet." I said moving my hands.
"Then why not way more of both?" She said right away at first it seemed like no big deal and then it hit us.
"OMG! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I asked her.
"Hai Raven-nii-chan desu~!" She replied.
"Sweet as Cyanide!" We threw out together practically singing it already.
"We have to tell the guys!" I said holding out my arms.
"Yes! Let's!" Kiku agreed jumping up a little.

We met up at our usual place that we go to for anime club.
"So let me run this by you..." I start to say.
"By my consultant and I." Kiku said proudly.
"We have an idea!" I said which Kiku echoed.
"What if we combine something emotional and sensitive but with some poison and armor to it..."
"Sweet as Cyanide. (A song/album name)" Kiku said simply.
It summed up all of it. The boys exploded with emotion.
"OH MY GOD WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US SOONER?!" Youkai screams shaking me.
"Chill." Kira said putting an arm between us as the peacemaker of the group.
"And maybe new members and equipment?" I said with some hesitation since it wasn't even my idea.
"Oh, okay. Maybe not." I replied quickly as Kiku hid behind me. We were both glad I was the one to say it.
We generally agreed and all went home and slept on it as we pooled in more ideas.

I got more and more accustomered to wrecking Annette and her stage performance. I was starting to get zeal. I also got used to a new person in all our lives...Chiyo. A few months of quieter activity later a young beautiful girl around our age(if not a little younger) offered to join our group. I was skeptical and so was everyone else. We folded our arms and groaned since we got propositions by people before that turned out right shitty. She did a gypsy dance like Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame and played a tambourine. It was good but it's not like we needed that kind of talented. We raised our eyebrows at her. Then she stopped dramatically in a ballet pose and sang opera. We were shocked. We had to let this mysterious girl into the group. Her name was Chiyo. We found out she was my long lost daughter from the future. She was to the point and made sure none of us questioned it. She was a very dominant indepent woman. The feminist dream. Her personality was pure seriousness and she served as a body guard for me against Annette.

Chiyo much like Kiku was full of ideas! Kiku and Chiyo butted heads a little as opposites but also because they were the smart ones. But it was like before it could only be a balance and Kira's friendly nature freezed that gap up.

Much like more Annette was flaunting herself and her performance again.
"Hahaha! These losers are never going to win! I'm richer now and I have a plot!"
Naturally Kiku and Chiyo twisted their necks around at that statement and that was what brought about their actual friendship. Cameran just took notes and parroted Annette's sh***y Crap.
"I even do vocal warm ups." She smirked a little and did a pose. Her fanboys bowed.
"Before you know it they'll be mine..." Chiyo said doing a smile with her tongue out.
"All those little fanboys...mine...I will own the stage..."
Kiku gave her a look and almost said something but they had to be quiet.
When they left Kiku gave Chiyo a look again.
"Sorry I just really like the idea of having servants." She said with a sweat drop on her head.
Kiku made a face at her with her hands on her hips like a mother would.
"I really am pride drunk..." She said looking down.
"That's better." Kiku replied with a smile.
"You know what I like you." Chiyo said with a smile patting her head.

It was the day of things to come yet again. Kiku, Chiyo, Kira, and Youkai especially really believed we were going to win but I will still unsure and that's bad as a frontman. We lined up and there were "special guests". A lot of which being moms because their children lack self esteem. Even I did. But I'm not hiding behind my mom's skirt. I'm right up front where everyone can see me! Oh god...everyone can see me! Stage fright was strong in this one.
"Stage set up and contestants at 1, 2, 3..." The stage manager said then the acts did their thing. It got closer and closer to ours. I drank plenty of water and had enough to eat but not too much. No fat here! Anyways, we got our looks and stage stuff ready. We had new mikes and new guitars and the stage already had lights but we did sheets over it so it would look like gothic skater graffiti. But that was when it was us. Right now was Annette's supposed "performance".

User Image

She came out with her hair slicked back but curly in a ponytail like Ariana Grande. There were poles and different lights like a club. She had brown muddy skin from tan spread, big gigantic chola silver hoop earrings, light denim short shorts with a white belt, Uggs, a sparkly pink belly shirt with a heart for a hole in it, white trim, super duper light pink lipstick, and she came equipped with a pink guitar and microphone she didn't know how to play. The tune for Toxic By Britney Spears. Our jaws dropped. She was tongue out and practically nude like Miley Cyrus. Everyone's mouth fell open. Not only was that gross and innapropriate but it was bad. She was singing herself this time trying for the Madonna thing. But it didn't work. It bombed.
Immediately the judges raised the cards and did "10/10" as if guns were pointed at their heads. The audience cheered much like before some were just afraid of her wrath. I guess she did better but she also did it a LOT worse. She was trying to jiggle but it only ended up sounding like a xylophone with those bones.
Much to our surprise we were not last but second to last but right after her.
I prayed and I got a sweat. Annette struts off stage with glee and sticks her tongue out at me when she passed by.
"Are the outfits and boxes ready?" The staff guy said.
It took a while and we used our time wisely and did a lot ahead of time because we aren't stupid.

User Image

Kiku was wearing a tight white tanktop with a black unzipped sweater with blue trim, sparkle studded black short shorts, a dangling eye necklace, long black thigh high stockings, big purple skater shoes, a big white bow on her ponytail with some curl and wave to it, thick black emo/hipster glasses, a rainbow belt, 80's guitar, matte red lipstick, white shimmer shadow, and a tiny bit of eyeliner. Chiyo had her whole hair let down with some slight wave. It was teased up too. She had on silver star earrings, a gothic belt choker with an ace of spades as the charm, a small black belly shirt with an edgy unhooked belt, a pleated layered shredded black skirt, star belt with chain, long black fingerless gloves, black garter, megaphone, knee high black stockings, big black gothic boots, black pointed eyeliner and matching shadow, and deep dark coal black lips. Then it's me. It's always me. Anyways, I had a lot on too! I had black wing eyeliner, some gyaru falsies, pinkish reddish blush, black almost slightly red lipstick, a belt collar choker, a white unbuttoned shirt with a black sweater vest kind of deal on over it, a red tie like Avril Lavigne, regular old black skirt, sheer gray stocking tights, black Converse Hightop boots, a new black guitar, and a mike!
We came up and we walked on stage. We took position and looked down and up. I shut off all insecurities and just went for it and sang right there. In real life. In front of millions of people. I sang my song for my album title.
"My blood is so cold, feeling charged, full of this poison..." I sang. The judges seemed to be wild for it! I got edgier with my moves and walked around and pointed at Annette and the others at key points of the song. We sounded like Eyes Set To Kill but also like Flyleaf's newer songs and Jack off Jill. The crowd loved it too. They tried to touch my boots and Chiyo "accidentally" stepped on some fingers. If everyone didn't love us before they all did now and then some! We were pumped. Even Kiku was super intense the whole thing and the boys never rocked harder!

The performance was over and nothing could top it. The kid afterward got scared out of it so we had plenty of extra time with the judges. They were either going to B.S. us or be real.
They raised their cards I was so ready for rejection and criticism. I wince and almost hid myself under my fringe. My emo flap covering most of my face.
The cards said "11/10"
"We did it yay!" Kiku screamed smiling, laughing, and jumping all hyper.
Chiyo had a proud smile, Youkai's jaw hung open, and Kira was in disbelief.
We hugged.
Annette was heard backstage breaking all her stuff and stomping on it. She stomped so hard a stage light fell on her. Kidding, kidding. It just should have. Not only do we end this chapter with another victory or another band. This planted the seed in Annette's head to never work alone.

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