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My Life, My Story, My Battle, My Path, My Past, My Journey, My Experiences, and My Heart. ♥
The Battle Of The Bands Chapter 1
The Battle of The Bands

Chapter 1: The Talent Show

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(*Spoilers* only in these images liek outfits or rather teh very last 1 which has a guy thats not gonna be in it especially not this early in! and YES Chiyo's look is based on that girl from Ergo Proxy.)

I arrived on scene.
The usual scene that is. Highschool to be exact.
I came there depressed and miserable like any other. I'm a goth of course. A mopey dopey emo type with no purpose really beyond saving the world but that doesn't mean s*** to mortals and normies and those other preppy types. As per usual I wore something a little special with a gothic touch of course! It was a Friday which meant I could venture outside of the same old drab uniform. I wore a long low cut black velvet dress it made me look like a witch and it looked almost purple. It had long Morticia Addams sleeves with waves. And I put on dangling black pentagram earrings. I wore purple circle sunglasses that looked modern but Victorian. I had on some dark to light eyeshadow and dark purple lipstick mixed with blood. I had on a black veil had like Lydia Deetz and some fishnet gloves and black nailpolish. My long red hair was let down in curls.
I remember this morning in particular because my stupid Uncle said "You can't leave the house like that!"
But I just shot him the finger.
A lot of kids at school looked over their shoulders, pointed, giggled, and whispered about my looks. The cleavage and curvage made the boys go mad. Lots of hollas and cat calls. I just rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at them because it was the usual. They just laughed more but I didn't care.
I sat down.

Suddenly I heard something...or someone! It was none other than my fiendish rival...Annette Jonesley! Sporting her BFFL the dyke-ish Cameran Sloane.
They were both walking stereotypes taking up the hall like they owned the place. I pretended to ignore them.
Well...I did until this happened.
"Well look what the cat dragged in..." Cameran crooned folding her arms.
"Hey there loser!" Annette said walking up to me. As per usual.
I just said nothing. I learned ignoring them is for the best. I had no time for haters that day. I looked off mysteriously.
Cameran giggled but Annette just elbowed her.
"I said HEY loser...!" She said madly.
I ground my teeth. Even my fangs!
She raised an eyebrow. "I SAID HEY LOSER!"
"What do you want?!" I shouted back and everyone stared at me even though I was much quieter. My eyebrow was up.
But then again Cameran's dad is in the mafia and the different are often picked on. "Why don't you just leave me alone?!" I asked all mad.
"Well, I, or should I say WE wanted to let you know you can't win The Talent Show!" This played out like a movie.
"I don't care." I replied. I'd be damned if I ever got into a contest with that rhymes with "witch". She's a cheater cheat pumpkin eater.
She put her hands on her hips and said "Hmph!" like a drag queen. She looked like Pizzazz from Jem and The Holograms.
I barely even looked at her.
"Well whatever you're weird!" She said sticking her fake nose up and leaving the cafeteria.
"What the Hell was that about?" I thought. Annoyed though I still went about my day...as best as I could. There were still onlookers and normal people making fun of me there. I just thought about killing them all.

The silence then popped liked a pimple. Woe is me!
"Miss Atarashi..." A familiar pretentious snooty voice said.
"Oh kami-sama...oh God..." I think as I facepalm. I slowly turn.
It was none other than Mrs. Potter! The teacher who hated me the most.
"Not you..." I thought out loud. I winced because I swear she looked like she was going to hit me.
"How dare you! And HOW DARE YOU FOR WEARING THAT!!!" She yelled in her opera voice.
"What is your problem?" I asked.
"My problem, Miss Atarashi? Well, since you asked the corner of your bra strap is showing!" She points.
I knew that that wasn't it since Annette was practically a PlayBoy bunny today.
"W.T.F. I am NOT a slut!" I said covering it.
Then she told me it wasn't enough and that I still looked like a witch. Annette probably told on her to spite me since she has the whole place turned against me anyways. It was a conspiracy! She got the dean Mr. Tedd(who I call 'Bear' behind his (hairy) back) and the principle Schwartz involved and forced me to change. Which isn't that harassment in itself?
I growled. My options were literally a Witch Hunt of me being a tramp or slut or wear some random crappy clothes like those bad Christmas sweaters like the one in Lizzie Mcguire. Scarlet Letter and be a freak on a leash or look like a dump. I weighed the options. It's obvious what I picked or WITCH.(I know, I know! Not the time! I get it!)

I changed into a plain white shirt, a black and white striped vest, a black hat, and dark blue skinny jeans. The rest were these sweaters with unicorns and pink on them. Yuck! They even made me lose the hat and make-up because it "hid my identity". As if I were robbing a bank. Even while Annette smuggles in drugs all the time. I was quiet and and sad the rest of the day kind of angry.
"Are you alright?" My nii-san Kiku asked.
"No." I said.
"Gomenasai...I'm Honor Roll. I could try and get your clothes back sooner." She replied.
"No...it's the purpose not the act." I said ironically in acting class.
"Are you entering The Talent Show?" She asked curious and sneaky like a fox.
"No." I said sadder and madder. I looked down.
"You know you can't let that vixen win..." She said all upset.
"There's no point..." I replied sadly but in a gothic way.
"Well if you don't...I will." It was another offer I stayed quiet to.
She quickly leaves to put her signature and put it in the ballet box and stormed off. It was so unlike her!

In the halls Annette and her caveman of a boyfriend and butch sporty friend laughed and bragged probably drunk and high and smoked and on pills. Mostly it was the 2 Mean Girls. They were giggling and boasting how Annette would win like every year.
I overheard them.
"Yeah. I can't believe how easy it is going to be this year..." Cameran said smirking.
"I know right! I don't even try I just lipsync like every year." Annette replied.
I gasped knowing this was what Kiku meant but I still didn't care. Though a part of me wanted to beat her now more than ever but at the same time didn't want to get involved. Maybe Kiku would beat her. She deserved it.
Not long later I bumped into Kiku.
"Didn't you hear them?" She whispered.
I just stayed mute.
"You have to do SOMETHING." She insisted. "You're a good singer. You're talented too. You're good at everything you try!"
"No, I'm not." I said sadly. "I'm not good for anything."
I practically cried and turned away.
She reached out to me but I just ran away and hid the rest of the day.

We came home I immediately storm off into my room crying and breaking things. I was so suicidal and almost started cutting but then I heard Kiku's singing voice as she strummed her guitar in her room not that far from mine. She was singing Helena by My Chemical Romance. I mumbled it since I had it memorized too. I actually sounded kind of...good. She then began singing Beauty Through Broken Glass by Eyes Set to Kill then Monster by Meg & Dia. I began to walk in and sing with her. She went quiet and I did most of the singing as she plays. She almost immediately stopped. I felt bad and like I ruined it. I wanted to die right then and there.
"Wow...you have the voice of an angel." She said with surprise making a face.
I kind of looked down. I left the room still feeling awful. I ran off and listened to emo music in my room and watched The Corpse Bride to cheer up. I slit my wrist as I banged my head. I did a little guitar solo and swung my hair around like metal bands do. I thought of Avril Lavigne and how she was a normal 16 year old girl who made it big. I wondered if I could make it too. I looked up at the stars and a tear ran down my face as an especially sad song played. It was Nickelback.

Then it was the dreaded Monday. Garfield hates it for a reason, people.
I went to school and opened my locker for my books. Someone walked up to me with their face hidden by the door. It was.......ANNETTE!!!!
"Well, well, well...so someone IS entering The Talent Show you dirty little liar..." She said with a mad smirk.
"What?" I said. I looked up confused. Was this some kind of strange dream?
"Look. I am not letting you hijack my performance. I win every year and you haven't got a chance!" She said pointing and getting my face.

"Kiku, Kiku!" I burst into her class.
"I thought you signed up!" I said of course in her band class where she played multiple instruments.
"What?" She said looking around holding her flute.
"Did you sign me up instead?!" I shooted loudly.
"Well...yes." She replied with guilt a sweatdrop on her head.
"WHY?" I said with fire.
"Well I just couldn't let her win knowing what a cheat she is!" She raised her voice too but not a lot.
"Why me?"
"I knew you were a good singer and guitar player and it was just the heat of the moment!" Kiku said nervously. It was a spur of the moment I guess.
"Then you're going down with me!!!" I demanded.
"I'm prepared." She smiled cutely but serious. I guess she was right. Besides, she even perfectly copied my signature. That girl means business!

We went back to practicing at home. Just like how I imagined in my room and my dreams. We found out I could sing perfectly like a lot of the stars we looked up to like Amy Lee, Hatsune Miku, Lacy Mosley, Within Temptation, and Eyes set to Kill. Kiku sounds like Eyes set to Kill, Lacy Mosley, Rin Kagamine, Flyleaf(in general), and Meg & Dia. We practiced multiple songs from the playlists on our iPods and recorded with us both singing and playing guitar. We could do anything from sweet strums to even levels like Green Day, Good Charlotte, and Papa Roach. We memorized things but then realized 2 talents does not a band make. We had to search for at least some moral support.
We practiced and found both our strong suits were generally the same guitar and vocals. That can make an act BUT it DOESN'T make a band.

So I asked Kira if he had any connections or could hook me up with more bandmates because he's so cool and popular.
He said "Well, I know this one guy..."
"Who?" We asked together.
He turned up his personal microphone and screamed for us. It was just like Black Veil Brides. History was made.
We had plenty of vocal talents to do what we were going for but we needed more beats. We needed to recruit a drummer. It turned out that Youkai has been drumming his whole life. We headed over to his werewolf mansion and asked him to give us a sample. It was louder than the loudest wolf howls ever made and broke all the windows in the place! We knew we needed him then and since he was and is still one of our best buddies he agreed to join happily wagging tail and all. Not even justice could do it justice!

The Boys in The Band:
User Image

We auditioned and were met with mixed reviews most of the bad ones coming from teachers I didn't like as well as people who were paid to shut up so a certain little pink princess got her way with her daddy's money yet again! But we knew we rocked them out.
"Come on. We play like Nirvana." Youkai stared them down.
They were shocked.
"We know we rocked your world!" I said out loud but not in a pervy way.
"Just give us a chance." Kira said.
"Please..." Kiku and I did puppy eyes.
The judge sighed. "Fine."
We all highfived and group hugged jumping up and down and cheering.

The day came upon us after a week or so after getting many glares from Annette and her gang.
Time was running out! And let's face it: I was still afraid. I was afraid as day is afraid of night.
"I just realized something..." I said realizing something. It felt like I figured out The Matrix.
"What?" Kira popped up and asked.
"We don't have a band name yet!" I announced throwing up my arms.
"It has to be something really good too..." I added.
"Like what?" Kira asked.
Youkai started to get that immature smirk of his and come up with something pervy and gross.
His GF Kiku bopped him on the head. "Bad dog!"
"We have to be serious!" I insisted flailing my arms like a spaz.
"Vampire...something..." Kira muttered.
"Gothic...roses..." We tried.
"I got it!" Kira says snapping his fingers.
"You read my mind!" Kiku said.
I was surprised and we all said together "Vampire Rose!"
"Wow that's awesome!" Youkai replied like a surfer dude.
We all mutually agreed but it still wasn't all that long before Show Time!

"I'm nervous..." I said shaking. Kira put a hand on my shoulder making me shake more. I blushed a lot.
"Oh! Sorry!" He said moving his hand scratching the back of his neck.
"This isn't the time to make out you knuckleheads!" Youkai barked at us.
"Everyone changed?" A lady with a headset said popping out from behind the curtain.
We were but it took us girls a little bit longer. We were dressed to impress!
Youkai had his long black emo hair swept to the side as per usual, a real leather spike collar, a black grey shirt with seams and scratches and cuts on it, mild black eyeshadow, skinny jeans, black wing eyeliner, Tripp Pants, and a chin piercing. Kira had over and under eyeliner that was messy and ash gray like L from DeathNote/DesuNoto, spiked blue emo hair, a gray jacket with light collar, long inverted/Satanic cross earrings, a cross necklace, a shirt, and dark skinny jeans. Kiku wore a black dress with long sleeve, a denim over dress, thick rimmed emo black glasses, loose emo bangs and pigtails, medium/dark rosy red lipstick, minimal eyeliner and mascara, baby blue eyeshadow with cloudy white highlight, and average blue almost Naruto ninja-like fingerless gloves. She dressed like a female Sasuke.
I had my hair let down and straightened and did a stronger more oversweeping side part like The Little Mermaid, 2 pairs of earrings, a necklace with my bloody razor on it, a red shirt with no sleeves but a black bow on it, black fingerless gloves, plain waxy candle red eyeshadow, thick deep black eyeliner, and matte black lips.

"The show starts in 16 min. good luck!" The lady said.
We rallied our arsenal ready for the war that was about to take place. We loaded our guns. I got my red black axe guitar out, Kira got his all black biohazard guitar, Youkai got the drums, and Kiku got out her classic accoustic. We also had many, many mikes to set up! Until then all we had to was watch the other acts...including the painful ones before us.
A nerd wanders on stage and sings "I have no friends..."
But they throw food at him and throw him off stage while the judges booed and pressed buttons because he didn't have The X Factor. This made me even more nervous.
Boring things came and went a lot of it was piano, choir, and other band class hacks. That is...until The Big One came.

The music played for a good few minutes and smoke machines were being placed for build up.
Annette was backstage whining and bitching because the lady brought her the wrong kind of bottled water.
"OUT OF THE WAY, LOSERS!" Annette said before pushing all out of her putting her popstar headset on. Some screw members almost heard her.
She went on stage. A mix of Britney Spears like Circus and Nicki Minaj's Stupid Hoe began playing.
She started to grind and twerk while lipsyncing trying to be hot while wearing the worst hot pants in the world. She had her hair up in loose burnt last minute pigtails because she was probably fresh out of a party glitter and smeared lipstick and everything. On top of that having her awkwardly half-dressed boyfriend do remixes was terrible.

User Image

For a blouse she had a kind of backless pink cheetah turtleneck which looked like a 90's rip-off(or the Cheetah Girls) pink short shorts with over stocking pink pants stockings, a big white belt with gold, false nails, and very derpy make-up. She did some dirty lap dance moves and her dad was crying in the audience kind of like Mean Girls. Lots of bright lights and flashing from cameras and the effects on set. There was sparkles and stuff all over and it was seizure-worthy. There were actors who played paparazzi on stage even.
The lights and stuff shut up and she poses.
Quickly the judges get money stuffed into their pockets and they gave her a 9/10.
"9/10? Are you kidding me? As if!" She asked spoiled and angrily and stormed off stage. The audience was quiet for a minute.
Her clique and family clapped and everyone else clapped out of fear.

Next, it was our turn. Us. As a band. Together. Vampire Rose.
I could not wait yet I also could not perform. We were so on the spot after all! But this is what concerts are like so I sucked it up! I took a deep, deep breath in.
We set things up which took a while because she really prepped up the place. We set up our chairs and instruments and kept the smoke on. The time was coming upon.
It was us. Now!
I start playing my guitar and Kiku sets up and does the beat, then Youkai turns it up, and then we had to sing. I was scared then more than ever before in my entire life!
Kiku and I sang together. I was lead singer and eyes were all locked on me.
With hesitation I sang "Monster how should I feel? Creatures lie here. Looking through the window."
The audition was dead silent but I kept going on.
We really turned the rock up as Kira did bass and Youkai's beats were rocking it! We gave it our all. I did motions like Lacy Mosley from Flyleaf.
Our performance was the last of the night and it was over. We were now awaiting the judge's approval as well as the audience.
There was another long pause with quiet. I nearly cried and thought I ruined everything again.

Suddenly.....A HUGE CHEER ERUPTS!!!
I had never seen or heard anything like it they all literally hopped out of their seats and rushed right up to stage to touch us. The judges were still quiet. I moved away from the edge of the stage since they all wanted me especially. None of them raised their cards or pushed the thing.
"Normally, in a case like this..." A guy started.
We crossed our fingers and prayed on edge.
"We don't do this kind of thing but..." The tension was exploding.
I was practically insane from waiting. I was sweating. So was the whole room!
"You're going to Hollywood!"
We screamed and cheered and hugged jumping up and down.
Annette threw the winner's crown and sash she already took and threw it on the ground stomping it. Then she stormed off again.
They put the crown and sash on me instead and handed me a medal and trophy.

This was the happiest day of my entire life! Now we were in the big leagues. Or at least...getting close(r).

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