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The Worlds Serpent Part 2
Two weeks after the first contact, people everywhere have been struggling to survive. Our three young heroes have finnaly found their stride, and were suprised at how good they were at this.
Michael was sitting in an abandoned bunk in Fort Worth, Texas, polishing his G36C rifle, while Jennifer and Elysia planned out where they were headed to next.
"Did you hear?" Elysia asked. "They said that its monsters from another realm."
"Whose they?" Jennifer asked sharply, the anger of not having seen any battles in their journey begining to build up.
"A radio broadcast in San Diego. Apparently they have a whole base there," Elysia responded.
"How do they know its monsters?" Jennifer questioned.
"Beacause unlike us, they've seen some action," Michael said from his spot in the corner. They all stared at each other for a minute or two, then grabbed all their gear and headed out for San Diego.
"Where are we going first?" Michael said, keeping his eyes on the road ahead and not making a single noise as his feet touched the ground with every step.
"I say we should head to Abilene, following the highway as we go," Elysia told him, putting away her map. "Oh, I forgot to mention," Elysia said. She handed them each a piece of technology. "They're Comm links, they should allow us to communicate while we're seperated from each other...Or they could overload and make you go deaf."
Michael and Jennifer hesitently put their Comm Links in their ears, and then they each heard a loud roar.
"What was that?" Michael asked.
"It sounded like a Fenrir," Jennifer said, with some fear in her voice.
"Whats a Fenrir?" Michael asked again.
Both the girls were silent, readying their weapons.
"Whats a Fenrir!?!?" And just then, a giant wolf with three eyes and giant fangs leaped out of an alleyway.
"Thats a Fenrir..." Jennifer whispered, staring at the beast.
Elysia ran behind a car for protection. She aimed her .50 Cal rifle at the monster, not being able to get a good shot. Jennifer started shooting almost immediatley, while Michael ran around back to flank it.
BANG BANG BANG The sound of Jennifer's UMP5 roared through out the city. The bullets seemed almost inaffective, but all of the sudden, a large boom came from the back of the wolf, causing it to fly into a building. Elysia followed the smoke trail to the top of a building where a young man was standing, aiming an empty RPG at where the Fenrir once stood.
Michael, although, had already seen the man, and was allready to the roof when he whipped around and aimed a Desert Eagle right at Micheal's head. The man obviously cared much for his gun, because it was better than it looked brand new.
"Drop your weapon" The man said, enunciating each word very sharply. Michael did as he was told, but Elysia, seeing the whole thing, shot the gun out of the man's hand. As soon as the shot was fired, Michael whipped out his P99 and shot the man's foot, causing him to fall to the ground.
Michael walked over to the man and aimed the pistol at the man's head. "What is your name?"
"My name?" The man scoffed. "Well its been so long that I barely remember it."
"I'm not here to play games old man." Michael snapped at him.
"Is everything alright?" Michael heard over the Comm Link.
"My name is bman..." The man answered.

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