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The Magic Series 7
email: wow
bman: see? now do you belie-
everything instantly goes pitch black...but when it turns normal again, email is nowhere to be found...
bman: uhhh, email? where are you? *looks behind tree* wtf? *stands up and looks inside tree*
bman: *screams to the heavens* EMAIL! WHERE ARE YOU!!!!! *starts sprinting everywhere trying to find email*
ishu: *pops up behind tree* hi bman! i heard your screaming. what happenned?
bman: i can't find email.
ishu: are you playing hide and seek or something?
bman: no. everything went dark and all the sudden shes nowhere to be seen
ishu: oh...that's a real problem then...
bman: oh you think?!?!?!
ishu: geez, no need to yell.
bman: sorry. im just really confused right now.
ishu: ok, we just need to focus on finding email right now.
bman: i know that.
ishu: ok, were do you think she would be if she were hiding?
bman: i don't know, in a tree or something.
ishu: ok, did you check the trees?
bman: yes
ishu: ok, who would kidnap her?
bman: i don't know, the vampire slayer council
ishu: vampire slayer, why would they want them?
bman: *nervously looks at ishu* oh, uhhh...no reason
ishu: ooookaaaay... who else?
bman: uhh, *eyes open wide* Evil Dude...
ishu: Evil Dude? isn't that the guy from Magic series 3-5? And imploded?
bman: yeah...exactly
ishu: how? he imploded!
bman: yeah but his minions didn't
ishu: so?
bman: someone had to take control. if we go to their kingdom thingie, i then i bet we'll find email there!
ishu: good point, but how do we get past the gaurds?
bman: i got just the thing *pulls out journal, flips to a blank page,writes something down, and it starts glow*
ishu: woah
bman: yeah *reaches hand into glowing beam of light* i found it! *pulls arm out and holds in his hand, a shiny gun*
ishu: Ol' Faithful!!

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