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The Worlds Serpent
Just another day at Jackie High, Michael, Jennifer, and Elysia are sitting at their usual table, eating their usual lunch. But what they don't know is that today, their lives will change forever.
"Anyone want my fruit cup?" Jennifer sighed.
"I'd like your fruit cup, but its not the one in your hand," Jeff said, mockingly from another table, where everyone was laughing. You see, Jennifer was wrongly being accused of being the school slut, so everyone was making sex jokes at her.
"Neanderthals," Michael said, but he too was stifling back a laugh.
"Go ahead," Jennifer said, anoyed.
But before Michael could chuckle, a loud, sharp whistle roared accross the sky. The sun turned blood red, making the sky glow a burnt orange as all hell broke loose. The missile hit the ground and created a large, thunderous "BOOM".
Everyone was paniking, except for Jeff, who was staring directly at the sky, frozen by fear.
"Jeff! Get inside!" Mrs. Ratkins shouted, but Jeff could hear nothing but the paounding of his own heart. "Jeff!!!"
His eys glowed bright orange, as his skin turned burnt black. He quickly turned into ash, as the whole class stared in awe at what used to be Jeff. The teachers quickly tried to usher all the students into the school building, but what safety would that provide? The safety of not seeing what was happening to their town, their world?
Nevertheless, the teachers continued getting students inside. The lunchladies were getting any food they could find from lunch 20 minutes earlier, while the janitor was sweeping up Jeff.
"What the hell is happening out there?" Jennifer asked her friends.
"All hell is breaking loose." Michael responded.
"Well, yeah, but who is doing this?" Jennifer said. "I mean, it can't just be the sky shooting missiles down from above."
"It's God," Elysia chimed in. "We must've done something worng, and he's destroying our world to start over new." Everyone was silent at this thought.
"Well, we have to do something, you know?" Michael shouted. "I don't know about you two, but I'm not going to stand idley by while our whole lives are being destroyed."
"Michael's right," Jennifer agreed.
"He is?" Elysia questioned.
"I am?" Michael also asked.
"Yes, he is," Jennifer said brusquely. "This is our chance to become 'Sombodys'. not just 'Nobodys' "
"You're right!" Elysia said, with a smile on her face.
"I thought I was right." Michael responded.
"With my technology smarts, Jennifer's looks, and Michael's sneaky-ness, we could very well survive."
And so, as our heroes began to use Jennifer's looks to persuade soldiers to give them gear, they were on their way to becoming great!

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