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The Thoughts Of Me
The miserable life of me
its karma b***h!!!!!
ok sorry i am back. and yes soo soon but only because i was reading my first journal i made for this avatar and i reliezed now that since i have made friends there its not that bad. but it still is kinda bad like for example this kid is picking on me but one day he will get what he deserves and i cant wait for that day lol....oh and the kid that was/is picking on me got into a fight haha...and he started it. So i just wanted to say that karma is a b***h and that he should get in more pain. but i guess karma is going soft these days lol. but yea sorry i just had to comment on that because it just popped in meh head.....oh and if ur wondering about the whole kid picking on me thing its not that big of a deal...i mean we got some of it to go away...but yea i cant write much more cause meh sister reads these things and if i say more she will tell meh mom...... so yea forgetting what i was just talking about...ok mind is clear now hehe

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Mighty Afroman16
Community Member

Sat Jun 18, 2011 @ 09:49am

Im dying over here lol what abt this kid???

BTW Had to say it...(seizing the moment) but..

Me: I love bad karma lol
You: Nu uhhh who loves bad karma?? the only people who love bad karma are the kinds who...
Both: F it! rofl
Me: and thats why i love Karma :]

Community Member

Sat Jun 18, 2011 @ 10:56pm

ahah rofl

User Comments: [2]
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