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The Thoughts Of Me
The miserable life of me
wahhhh part 2???
ok so to continue from my last journal...today...well i guess u would call it yestuday but anyway....after school i walked to meh friends house (her name is rachel) which it took like 30 mins. so yay an exercise for me!!! but when we finally got to her house i met her older brother,her dad, and someother people that i cant remember at the moment. Then around...5:45ish i had to walk to a close by store so my mom could come pick me up and it was really cold outside but i was wearing a jacket (which was thin but wateva). then my mom came and picked me up so then we went to get some food for dinner for meh sisters friends and then i went and visited my grandma and she was sad and crying cause my retarded aunt said something mean to her again. so i have decided to tell my aunt the next time i see her that if she makes my grandma cry again i will shove her face in a sledge hammer (its from a movie). and if she trys to hit me or something for that i will just dodge it and hit her in the face...oh how i hope she trys to hit me. ......oh god something i just realized was that i could have been easily kidnapped while i was walking to the store from rachels house..hmmm...i wont do that eva again. XD

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Mighty Afroman16
Community Member

Sat Jun 18, 2011 @ 09:42am

awhh maaan i was sooo hoping to catch you walking alone again...dang iit!

~I will have my chance~

Community Member

Sat Jun 18, 2011 @ 10:59pm

haha whatever!!! rofl 4laugh

User Comments: [2]
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