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Chi's Book of Dreams, Philosophies, and etc. In the journal I will write down everything that I possibly can think about. It might be weird at times, such as explaining how magic corresponds to science, or it might be epic, a story that I've been writing. But all in all, this is basically where

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Isshu Pokemon Journey; part two
As the alarm clock in Via’s stateroom buzzed at around 10:00 a.m., Via woke up slowly and sat up with a groan. The young trainer stretched out his messed up shoulders, his long pajamas coming up to his wrists upon doing so. He slouched after doing so and noticed the sweat smell coming off of him. The temperature was way too hot for what clothes he had brought, so he would now have to buy new clothes in the Isshu region. “And I was hoping that the temperature would be like Sinnoh’s…” Via whined. As he got out of bed he finished his statement after getting out of bed and walking. “I knew I should’ve brought clothes for warmer weather.”
Via took a long cool shower to wake himself up, but after that, he just sat around in his towel for a while and studied some more about the Isshu region. Whenever Via got close to a subject he was interested in he read aloud; “Okay so Mijumaru’s final evolution, Daikenki, has the better stats of the three… but Futachimaru looks so much more cooler!” Via sighed and continued on “Da-da-da-da-da~ … Ooh! It looks like this place is haunted by legendaries too~!”
In the past, Via encountered a very nice amount of Legendary Pokémon, however out of all 30 or so past by, Via only caught four. “Perhaps we can find a special new friend here too, right you guys?”
Via said to Pokeball suitcase. It was open so you could see all of them sitting there, all calm but yet you could tell that they were impatient. Via leaned down next to the Poke-case and said the names of the four Pokémon; “Mewtwo~! Entei~! Latias~! Manaphy~!”
As he said their names, the four Pokeballs wiggled. Via never nick-named legendaries so as to preserve their pride among people, he only ever wanted happiness for his little ‘mons.
Via smiled and pulled out a separate part of the Poke-case and got his most warm-weather-looking clothes out. These included a white V-neck shirt with a thin black design across it, slim, boot cut, jeans, and some black sneakers. Via was just applying his jewelry as the captain came over the loud speaker. “Good day to you all, this is your Captain speaking! The port for Hiun city is getting closer as this announcement occurs. I am pretty sure you are all excited as of now about that and about the weather being about 87 degrees-“ Via groaned as his theory was made true. He finished packing up and went down to get breakfast. Afterwards, Via was glued to a window, watching for the most closest signs of Hiun or the Isshu region, but even though the Captain said they were close, you still couldn’t really see it. Via must’ve looked pretty childish while doing this though, because behind him, he heard giggling which then turned into a girl’s voice. “You must be a tourist, cause I’m not even that excited and the Isshu is my home!” Via turned around to see a girl about his age, wearing a white and red cap that was covering up the top of a serious mop, short shorts and a white tee-shirt, as well as an unbuttoned black vest. Via backed away from the window and faced her with a grin. “Well how could I not be? I’m going to a new region where there’s a lot of new Pokémon to catch, new people to face, and new adventures to be had!” Via slid his hand along the brim of his trillby and then outstretched it to the girl. “My name is Via Walker! I am a Pokémon trainer and the defeater of four Champions!” The girl raised an eyebrow at Via with her hands on her hips. She shook her head and then grabbed Via’s hand unemotionally. “Mine is Touko.” She said with a smile. “Pokémon coordinator.”
Via lost a bit of luster to his eyes when she said that. He was really excited about having a rival or a traveling companion too. “Well it’s at least good to know that there are really people in the Isshu region! We hear so little from you guys’ side of the world, so it’s good to be sure now.” Via said jokingly.
“Well, that may be so…” Touko began, in response to Via’s joke. “But at least I don’t come from a land where some of the population live in trees!” Touko laughed as Via blushed.
“Yea…” He started. “Fortree is a little weird, so is Lavaridge, Fallarbar, and a few others, but hey! We’re as tough as nails in Hoenn!” Via looked out the window behind him to see Hiun City and a grin spread from ear to ear. “So don’t think that if you challenge me that I’ll lose ok? And that counts for anything, got it?!”
Touko giggled and gave Via a thumbs up. “Alright, Mr. Champion beater.”
The Captain’s voice came over the loud speaker again as the ship pulled into it’s docking location. Via said goodbye to Touko and wandered into the new world of the Isshu Region!

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