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Chi's Book of Dreams, Philosophies, and etc. In the journal I will write down everything that I possibly can think about. It might be weird at times, such as explaining how magic corresponds to science, or it might be epic, a story that I've been writing. But all in all, this is basically where

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Isshu Pokemon Journey; part three
Inside Hiun City, Via explored the many things different about the Isshu region, only to find however, that everything was pretty usual. Via gave up on his search for abnormalities after an hour or so and now started searching for a Pokémon center, so as to make a call or find a map at least. However even this was a challenge for the well experienced trainer this was challenge in such a large city. It was almost as bad as looking for a lone Oddish in a field! After a bit of running, Via leaned up against a streetlight as he tried to regain his breath.
“Goodness, where in the world is the Pokémon Center?!” Via said while panting. After a few seconds of doing such, a deeper voice with a funky accent piped up. “Man, I’d be happy to tell you out kid!” Via looked up to see a younger black man with dreadlocks wearing a green jumpsuit, Pokeball in hand. Via automatically knew what the guy was going to say next.
“If you can beat me!”
“Show me the place!” Via said right back at him. The man smiled a toothy grin Via and beckoned him to follow. Via passed my many different people as they went about the City. There were school kids like usual, but many business men as well as office woman. Finally, the green-clad man took Via into a back alley where there were two other dancers pulling off feats of body and gravity like nothing before, while in the background, music with a very loud Bass tone was playing as well. The green-clad man pushed the other two guys out of the way, showing his seniority to them. He then span on his head and flipped back up to look at Via.
“You ever heard of a triple-battle kid?” The other two dancers smiled and turned off their music, grabbing their Pokeballs too.
“Umm… no, but let’s do it anyway, I’ll learn as I go.”
The three dancers expanded their Pokeballs and shouted the names of the Pokémon as they left the balls.
“Go, Waruvile!”
“Go, Desukaan!”
“Go, Kirikizan!”
Three strange new Pokémon materialized as the beams faded into their forms. The one called a Waruvile resembled a Feraligatr in structure, but it had a really long snout and weird eyes, plus the red and black stripes distinguished it too. Another one, Via thought the trainer called it a Desukaan, was a big sarcophagus with a face and shadow arms. Finally, the Kirikizan thing was most definitely frightful. It had a head like a helmet and strange metallic rib structures. Via was at a loss here, he knew nothing of these Pokémon and just had to make up a strategy. Via opened up his Poke-case and pulled out two Pokeballs and a Safari ball. These held Via’s Gliscor, Togekiss, and Swampert. Via threw the Pokeballs up into the air and shouted; “Come on out, Swampzilla, Parvulus, Gliscor!”
The three comrades of the young trainer popped out of the Pokeballs, looking ready to go upon seeing the new Pokémon. This showed the passion that their trainer gave to them through the years. Suddenly, though, the trainer with the Kirikizan ordered for a night slash. Via then looked around some more too see Parvulus getting hurt by a sandstorm that appeared out of nowhere, while the Desukaan was using shadow sneak. Via became stressed and called out; “Dodge, then form a ring!”
Swampzilla and Parvulus did as ordered, but Gliscor being his usual self, disobeyed and when the Kirikizan attempted to hit Gliscor with t night slash, Gliscor caught the attack with one claw, while grabbing the Kirikizan’s neck with the other. Gliscor’s smile became malicious as its claw started to glow. Gliscor tossed the Kirikizan into the air, catching its neck again and slammed it into the ground, creating an impact crater in the impression of the Kirikizan.
Gliscor snickered as it got into formation and Via sighed. “You just had to use Guillotine, didn’t you, Gliscor?”
“What?!” The dancer shouted as he ran to his Pokémon and returned it. “You mean you can’t control that, that thing?!”
Via started, saying; “Well, you see he’s been rude and ignorant due to his adamant nature, but-“ Via stopped and then said “Are you telling me you’ve never seen a Gliscor before?”
“No way man!” The dancer said. “We only got Isshu Pokémon in Isshu!”
Christian just stood there, giggling until he just suddenly burst out laughing, an awkward silence being the undertone for the moment as nothing happened. Then he said; “Oh, Swampzilla, use Muddy Water~!”
The Swampert stomped it’s foot into the impact crater of the Kirikizan causing a torrent of water to come from the ground aquifer or water reserve, carrying harmful debris with it. The water hit both the Waruvile and the Desukaan, knocking them away. When the water washed away though, only one was down, since the poor Waruvile was now on the ground, only capable of breathing and moving its eyes. The Desukaan however, came out of nowhere using a shadow punch that knocked Swampzilla down, allowing the Desukaan to start wrapping the Swampert up with some sort of paper. Via had to think quickly and called for an X-scissor from Gliscor, freeing the other member of the Pokémon team.
Now Via was angry at the ghost-type. As the final order of battle for the match, Christian said; “Parvulus, use Psychic!” The Togekiss happily responded and it started to glow a magenta color. The Desukaan was then affected as it glowed too and was lifted into the air and let go of, crashing to the ground and out for the count. The dancers now all looked at Via with the eyes of a Gyrados, their pride now shattered from being beaten in something that they obviously earned money from doing, then taking people’s money. Via sighed and said; “Because I’m not an officially registered trainer in this region, I’m not going to ask for your money, however I please ask you to live up to the agreement and tell me where I’d like to go.
Another awkward silence occurred until the man in green laughed and shook his head. “Kid, it’s around the corner, now go get to it, before we challenge you again!” Via said thank you and just before he left, the dancer man also said; “However, after such a good experience battling you, I’d like you to do a favor for me.” Christian was puzzled and said; “Yeah, what is it?”
“Around this region there are others like myself, that need a lesson in discipline. See, they lazy, so how’s about doing a brother a favor and beat up the rest of my gang, can you do that?”
Via nodded with a smile and ran out of the alleyway with a new pride in his chest and a duty he promised to a possible new friend. To the Pokémon center, he went and healed his Pokémon, ready for a rest from a long day.

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l0uis amore
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Fri Oct 15, 2010 @ 04:05pm


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