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Chi's Book of Dreams, Philosophies, and etc. In the journal I will write down everything that I possibly can think about. It might be weird at times, such as explaining how magic corresponds to science, or it might be epic, a story that I've been writing. But all in all, this is basically where

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Isshu Pokemon Journey; part one
The night, placid. The temperature, cool. The boy, wound up and running! Via Walker lived in the Hoenn region, so things were a little bit more spread out, but because of his journeys in all the other regions, he was a fast runner. It also helped that he knew short-cuts from living there for about 15 years. Via’s running shoes passed over from grassy turf to hard pavement and sand as he entered the good old harbor town of Slateport. He remembered this place well; it was where he took care of Team Aqua at age 11 and where he set foot on his first cruise ship, like the one he was going on today. This one however, would be going to the finally opened, Isshu Region!
As the sun began to rise, Via was that he wore his black trillby to keep the sun out of his eyes. The leather jacket that he wore was a different matter though, making him a little warmer than necessary.
“Ackh!” He said as he felt the sweat forming on the back of his neck.
“The Sinnoh region was much more nicer, allowing me to wear clothes like this!” He said while panting like a Poochyena.
“Especially Hearthome!”
Via was almost to the docks as the first of the Vendor carts suddenly came out of nowhere, causing a full-on collision. The many sitrus, oran, and other berries spilt out as the Vendor automatically became angry. “Kid! Do you know what you’ve done?! This crop of berries was at least worth 20,000P, I expect-uh…” The man cut off as he saw Via’s face and the silver top Pokeball around his neck. Via opened up his wallet, gave the man what he wanted, and then kept running, his fifteen-year-old body keeping going. Via had defeated the Champions at all the Regions he had visited; all of the known regions in the world to him, except Isshu. That alone earned him quite the reputation, plus it also gave his starter Pokémon, A.R.A.N., a good amount of infamy as well! The powerful Aggron only having been defeated by Lance and Red, plus a good amount of others when he was younger.
These things were also supported by the briefcase that Via held in his right hand, the briefcase that not only held his clothes, but his 175+ Pokémon. This is also the briefcase that slowed Via down a little bit, but he didn’t care in the least of bits! Via wanted all his Pokémon at his disposal while in the Isshu region, so he was taking them with him!
Via finally got to the Slateport docks and into the inner area, where he saw that he had just made it on time. Via sighed with relief as he approached the man who took the boarding passes. As the man asked for the slip of paper, Via reached for his pocket to get what he wanted. Via’s hand slipped in between the two flaps of fabric to pull out… “Nothing?!”
Via cried out as he pulled out his pockets and checked his entire person. The ticket man became impatient at this little gag and said “Look, son, that boat leaves in five minutes and unless you-“
“I know, I know, I swear it was here, somewhere…” Via said as he even looked into his Poke-case, only to remember the incident with the vendor. Via ran out as fast a Rapidash as he went to the scene of the collision, the ticket man’s voice calling after him as he did it. “Hey kid! Where are you going to?! Hey!!!...”
The man’s voice faded as Via left the docks to only find that the spill of berries had now recently been cleaned up. Via was almost in tears as he went to his knees and clutched his trillby, his fabulous journey ruined by a street vendor. Via looked down into his hat where he saw a piece of paper tucked into the lining. It was covered up, but what he saw was all he needed.
Via Wal-
Via cursed and took the boarding pass out, put his hat back on, picked up his briefcase and was off again back towards the docks. Upon running past everything, Via threw the boarding pass at the collection man and jumped over the turnstiles. Via then noticed that the boat was leaving as he got closer, the ropes were drawn, the anchor weighed, and worst of all, the gangplank pulled up. Via noticed an area on the third deck where people were walking and unclipped the silver-top Pokeball from its necklace. He clicked the button to make it larger and pointed towards the third deck yelling; “Go A.R.A.N.!” The ball opened up sending a red energy trail towards the opening, materializing the massive Aggron on it. A.R.A.N. assessed the situation pretty well upon being released and got close to the boats railings.
Via’s mind did a quick prayer as he jumped off the pier and was grabbed by A.R.A.N.s strong hand. The Aggron gave a slight poke-grin at his trainer’s incompetence. Via scowled at A.R.A.N. as it pulled him up on the deck, Via dusting himself off, only to look around and blush at how people were now staring at him. Via smiled and called A.R.A.N. back into his ball then walked off grumbling, calling himself a moron. “Jeez, Via, if you had just remembered that you had kept the boarding pass in your hat for some sort of security reason, none of this wouldn’t have happened!”
Via got himself checked in at the guest services area and made his way up to his cabin. He unlocked the room with his keycard and took off his shoes, jacket, and hat, collapsing on the bed afterwards. Via sighed and sat back up, opening his poke-case and pulled out all the ones on one half of the case. He picked up the guest service phone, while pulling a list out of his pocket that had all types of food on it; basically he was now going to give the ship the largest room service order of all time. Because most of Via’s Pokémon were mammalian or warm-blooded in type, he had to feed them on a consistent basis; something that required a lot patience and money. As the night drew on, other rooms around Via’s could’ve sworn that they heard eating sounds of all kinds, but because of how late they lasted, they disregarded them as the ship’s plumbing.

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l0uis amore
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Tue Oct 12, 2010 @ 07:39pm

I love lol

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