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Standing in the cold water, moon bluring my vistion.
I hold a handful of wet sand.
I ponder on the reason i fail to grasp this simole beauty
with a tighter grip.
The sweetly blackned sky looks down apon me.
Brightly lit golden moon smiles at me.
The wind rushes by to wisper in my ear and gently hug
my pail face.
I slowly close my eyes and listen to the soothing sounds
of the horrid world around me.
All so much pain and anger in this world.
And yet this place here, it's so peaceful.
The sounds of this world are like a hard core music.
Loud rithemed and deeply worded.
It seems to be the only sound.
No the only music i can fall asleep to.
And it plays over and over through out my day.
It's the only song i will never grow tirde of.
It's funny to think i'm the singer of this song.
The singer with a sweet voice.
The one that sooths the ones i care for.
I love the music.
The one called life.
One day
One day deep in the forest two young wolf demons sat under the
Three of Life.
Princess Rain: "Kyo? Why do you think the shy is so much nicer
when you really take the time to look?"

Gardean Kyo: *sigh* "Rain why can't you just shut up and enjoy
it? You always ask to many questions."

Rain: "But Kyo."

Kyo: stressed "Just shut up Rain!"

Rain: "You're so mean Kyo!"

Kyo: *closes his eyes* "Yeah so.."

Rain looks up at the shy, and thinks of their friend Prince Sano.

Rain: "Kyo, I think I know why you always stare into the sky."

Kyo: "Oh yeah? Why?"

Rain: "Cuz......you miss Sano."


Kyo: *Rain crying* "That's not it stupid!" scream

Rain: crying "You're so mean Kyo!"

Kyo walks off in to the forest. Rain runs after.

Rain: "But Kyo, you told me once that stareing at the sky
reminds you of Sano cuz his eyes are the same colore of blue."

Kyo: *blushing* "I told you to shut up Rain!"

Rain: *Danceing and giggling* "Kyo loves Sano, Kyo loves
Sano, Kyo loves Sano la lala la lala." blaugh

Kyo: "Gah! What ever!"

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