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Standing in the cold water, moon bluring my vistion.
I hold a handful of wet sand.
I ponder on the reason i fail to grasp this simole beauty
with a tighter grip.
The sweetly blackned sky looks down apon me.
Brightly lit golden moon smiles at me.
The wind rushes by to wisper in my ear and gently hug
my pail face.
I slowly close my eyes and listen to the soothing sounds
of the horrid world around me.
All so much pain and anger in this world.
And yet this place here, it's so peaceful.
The sounds of this world are like a hard core music.
Loud rithemed and deeply worded.
It seems to be the only sound.
No the only music i can fall asleep to.
And it plays over and over through out my day.
It's the only song i will never grow tirde of.
It's funny to think i'm the singer of this song.
The singer with a sweet voice.
The one that sooths the ones i care for.
I love the music.
The one called life.
The Kill
"Miko?" She stared strangely into my eyes. "Huh?" She pulled my hand
from under my chin. "Are you alright Miko-sama?" The expropriation
she gave me seemed greatly worried. "I'm fine Chibena." She nodded
and turned back to face the front of the class room as the teacher
walked in. "Good morning class. To..." My thought drifted from what
Ms. Green was starting to say. My gaze turned out the window as it
always did. Then as I began to day-dream I smile imagining his face
in the clouds. "Miko." I hear his warm voice. "Miko! Mr. Tani If you
would at least pretend to be interested in my class." Once again I
get scolded in first class.

As The bell rings I walk to my locker. "Mi-chan! Miko-chan!! Hey man
wait up!" I look down the hall to see Matt running toward me. I sigh
as he pulls the newest porno mag from his shoulder bag. "Hey Mi-chan
I just got this last night! My pop picked it up for me." I give him
a grim stare. "Matt, why do you always come to me first?" He thinks
for a moment or two. "I dunno man. I just thought..." He gets cut off
as I walk into the class room. "Latter Mia." I sigh in release.

Well Now I'm siting in second class. I drift into a day-dream once
again. "Tani? Hey earth to Miko." I snap out of my trance. "Hey
Mika, sup man? You seem to be happy today." My friend Cory says in
a giggle. "Oh, yeah I am." She punches my in the arm. "Well spill
it man." I smirk as I rub the spot on my arm. "Well I met this gut
on line..." She cutes me off. "Yo man, dudes from on line are no
good Mika." I chuckle. "No, you're very wrong. Cory he's way
different." I smile greatly. She laughs at what I guess was a
stupid expression. "Well I guess if the dude makes you as happy as
you are he aint all bad." Enjoying my rare moment of Cory liking
some one I'm going out with we laugh untill Mr. Joe shuts us up.

My day at school was pretty normal, but when I got home no one was to
be found. I was there all alone. Which I really wouldn't have minded
if the doors and windows were all broken open. I hesitantly made my
way through the house. I slowly walked into the kitchen to find mama
crouched over what looked like my little brother. "M...mama?" I
mumbled. She stopped a moment. Her head slightly tilted to the side.
"Mmmmrah....." She seemed to grunt. "Mama? Are you alright? Are you
hurt?" She turned around to my horror. She was a zombie. "Ma......
mama!" She looked at me as if she was about to eat me. I bolted up
the saris to my room. I pushed the dresser in-front of my door as she
tried to push her way through. "No! Damn it!! Damn it damn it!!! I
always knew mama would be first." I screamed shaming my fists on the
dresser. "Damn it!!!" I sighed and sat on my bed thinking. "That's it
I have to get out of here." I dug under my bed for a moment or two
before I found my emergency zombie killing kit. The one I had made
after watching my first zombie movie. I swung it over my shoulder and
climbed out the window. Falling two story's to the ground landing on
my feet unharmed.

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