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Just some stuff.
Another post I thought was fit to stay in my archives of good posts mrgreen this is from the role-play "Gundam: Path of Fate" Here it is:

Vick Donzar
Earth Alliance Pilot

"Today I would like to announce the graduation of our pilots in training!" A man of seemingly high ranking shouted into a microphone atop a podium at the Earth Alliance's Alaskan base. Today was the day that the trainees become full fledged pilots to fight for the protection of their mother planet, Earth.

It was a nice day that day. The grasses were a beautiful natural green with small yellow and purple flowers sprouting here and there. The evergreen trees lined the base's walls along with a few here and there. In the background sat amazing blue mountains with white snow caps that seemed to surround the area. The sky was the bluest blue you could ever dream. And to think there was a war going on that threatened such beauty.

Vick looked into the sky and sighed. "Don't worry. I'll do everything in my power to protect you," he mumbled to himself.

"Hey Vick!" a fellow trainee shouted, jogging up to him. It appeared to be a friend. "Aren't you excited? Today we become full fledged pilots and tomorrow we get to finally go into space!"

"Oh hey Ron," Vick replied. He turned around to face the man and smiled, "Of course I'm excited. I may not seem like it, but I can't wait to see what my Gundam can do. I'm tired of using those worthless GM mobile suits."

"That's all you can think about isn't it? Your precious Destiny," Ron joked, patting Vick on the shoulder.

"If you had found it instead of me, you would feel the same about it haha," Vick joked back, his smile slowly dropping away.

"What's wrong? Something got you down?" Ron asked, keeping his hand on Vick's shoulder.

Vick just looked down then said, "I don't know if-" Just then an announcement over the PA came through, cutting off Vick.

"Will all currently graduating pilots please assemble in the courtyard. I repeat; all currently graduating pilots please assemble in the courtyard," the PA announced.

"Well that's us. We better get a move on," Ron said as he jogged off, "I'll see ya there!"

"Ah... Oh. Alright then," Vick replied. He headed off toward the courtyard as well.

--------------------[Graduation Ceremony takes place.]--------------------

"And last but not least... Graduating at the top of his class... Vick Donzar!" the high ranking official announced. Vick walked up, everyone whistling, clapping, and shouting behind him. Once Vick got up to the podium, the official gave Vick a badge commemorating his graduation, a certificate classifying him as graduating with top honors, and whispered "Good luck. Even though I drove you harder than the others, you came out on top. For that I personally congratulate you and wish you the best of luck in the fight in space. Remember, protecting Earth comes first, but staying alive is your number one priority."

Vick merely said, "Thank you, Sir," and proceeded off of the stage.

--------------------[Graduation Ceremony over. Party ensues.]--------------------
--------------------[Next day. Pilots leave for space.]--------------------

Vick finished packing some belongings. It was advised not to take everything since there won't be much room on the ships for it. He took some casual clothes, his uniform, and a few mementos of his time at the base of which all fit into a duffel bag. As he was about to exit the room, he looked back upon it and smiled. "I'm going to miss this place," he thought. Vick set his duffel bag outside the door, shut the light off, then shut the door. He grabbed his duffel bag and proceeded to the docking bay.

Around him people were rushing around. Some with backpacks and suitcases, others with just what they wore. Almost out of nowhere, Ron appears. "Hey Vick!" he shouts.

Vick sighs and puts on a happy mask to hide how he truly feels. He did this often. "Oh hi Ron," Vick replied.

"Man I hope we get stationed together! Wouldn't that be great? The two of us. Fighting together. Kicking SAICT a** and protecting the Earth!" Ron said, walking along side Vick.

"Yeah that would be pretty awesome," Vick replied. "How can anyone be excited about fighting?" he thought. Vick was once like this as well. All he could dream about was piloting a Gundam, dodging fire and destroying enemies. Now, after he saw the true face of war, he wasn't too sure about it. Sure he was going to get to live his dream, but at what cost?

After a bit of a walk and a good talk, Vick and Ron arrived at the docking bay. There they saw at least a dozen cargo ships that would transport both mobile suits and their pilots to the battle ships above. The two were absolutely amazed at what they saw. Mobile suits being loaded into transports, pilots scurrying here and their trying to find their ship, and small platoons of hardened soldiers marching about.

The official from the graduation found Vick and Ron standing there, doing nothing. "Well isn't this a sight I always get to see?" he chuckled, walking up to them with his hands behind his back.

"Oh General Sykes!" the two said in unison as they instantly stood at attention.

"At ease... soldiers," the general said with a smile, "I take you two are looking for your transports?"

"Ah yes, we are, Sir," Vick replied.

General Sykes brought his hands from behind his back to reveal a clipboard listing the names of the new pilots and their ships. "Well...," the general said, skimming though the pages, "Mr. Treese you are to go to Transport 005... And... Mr. Donzar you go to Transport 010." Treese was Ron's last name.

"Thank you, Sir," the two said in unison as they looked for the location of their transports.

"Your welcome and good luck," General Sykes replied and walked off.

"Well that sucks," Ron said as soon as the general was out of hearing range, "We didn't get the same station. Well the best of luck to you. Don't die, you hear me? I'll be sending you messages once a week to see how things are going."

"I think you'll need more luck than I will haha," Vick joked.

"Hey man I'm serious. You're the only friend I have in this place and I don't know what I'd do if I lost ya," Ron replied.

"Yeah back at ya. I'll be expecting those messages," Vick replied trying to make up for his bad joke, "Good bye."

Ron got all teary-eyed and hugged Vick. Vick was a little astonished. Ron wasn't usually the touchy-type, and neither was he. Vick felt pretty awkward and kinda just patted Ron's back. When Ron let go, he patted Vick's shoulders with both hands and boarded his transport. He didn't even say "good bye."

Vick, still feeling a bit awkward, walked to his transport and boarded.

--------------------[Transports take off]--------------------
--------------------[Vick's transport lands]--------------------

The transport landed on one of the prized battle ships in the Earth Alliance military. On it housed many of it's recovered Gundams along with their ace pilots. The ones to greet them were only the mechanics and a few soldiers that served on the ship. "This place is... HUGE!" Vick thought to himself as he looked straight up and around. He then heard the opening of the transports cargo bay and looked back. The first mobile suite to make its disembark was indeed the ZGMF-X42S Destiny. Vick stared at it in amazement. This was the first time he had gotten to see it since he first recovered it from the moon. "Wow..." was all that could escape from his mouth. The new paint shimmered in the light, keeping to the original colors. The mechanics gathered around it and marveled in its sight. It was the newest Gundam they had seen in a while.

After a few minutes, a beautiful young lady dressed in a standard Earth Alliance uniform walked up to the group of pilots. She held in her hands, a clip board containing the names of the pilots who would be joining the ship and announced their names in order along with the mobile suit they piloted.

Once roll call was done, she motioned for everyone to follow her and took them to their rooms/bunks.

Psycho Fox13
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Psycho Fox13
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