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Just some stuff.
Just another sample that I thought was pretty good razz

"Fell began to dream. In that dream he was at home, his mother in the house cooking a delicious meal as usual, his father in the living room watching sports as usual, him outside with his friends playing as usual. Everything seemed too usual. In the dream, Fell's friends began to worry about him. They saw that he was behaving erratically.

Suddenly the sky grew dark and birds took flight in terror. Fell and his friends looked around, wondering what was going on. His friends' mouths would move but nothing would come out. Fell began to panic. Strange shadow creatures began to creep from the ground and advance on Fell and his friends. He could see his friends crying but could not hear a thing. Out of nowhere a single scythe screamed from the sky and crashed into the middle of the sea of shadows, the creatures instantly dissipating in a cloud of dark smoke.

"Come here child," a voice echoed, "Come and take a hold of me. I will give you everything your heart desires. I will show you a power that only the strongest of men can dream of."

"Who said that!?" Fell yelled, scared as ever.

"Come to me, dear child, and you will soon find out," the scythe echoed.

Fell looked at the scythe and could see it glowing, the shadows keeping it's distance from it. He slowly walked over to it, his friends trying to restrain him. "No! Don't go!" their mouths would spell out, "We need you!"

Fell pulled away from them, he was almost like a zombie. He slowly walked to the scythe and did as it commanded. Fell gripped the hilt of the scythe, it's immense power coursing through his veins. "Now you are under my control!" the scythe boomed as it began to control Fell's body. Soon Fell was acting against his will, a dead look in his eyes. With his head hung low, Fell's body advanced on the shadow creatures. With great skill, the shadows dropped one by one.

With his back to his friends and the shadows all destroyed, he slowly looked back at them. They began to scream and cry in fear. Fell turned around and slowly, menacingly, walked toward them. The scythe's blade sparked with darkness as it's power began warp the air around it. As soon as Fell got close to his former friends, he raised the scythe high above his head. The children screamed and pleaded to Fell to spare their lives. In deathly tone, these words spell from his mouth, "May this world be cleansed." The scythe fell upon the children. As soon as this happened, Fell awoke and sat straight up. Tears pouring from his eyes. His soul was aching."

Psycho Fox13
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Psycho Fox13
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