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Just some stuff.
I thought I posted this one earlier but I guess it didn't submit. ANYWAY! Here is another of my RP samples. And yes this was just one post. :

"I'm sorry, Ferrlow," Fell said as he re-started his mission to find the chosen keyblade master, "If it's anyone, he should be able to save your family." Fell fixed his hood to cover his face more and walked in the opposite direction of Ferrlow. Using his scythe like a giant walking stick, Fell continued his journey to find the keyblade master. He waved his hand and opened a dark portal. Fell stepped in, sighed, and continued on.

"I thought I taught you that emotions only get in the way," the scythe echoed.

"I know, but it's something about that girl. It makes me want to help her save her world," Fell replied sadly.

"We will save her world sooner or later, but for now we must find the Keyblade Master. Without him, saving her world will become worthless. You know we cannot do it alone," the scythe echoed.

"I know but I have no where to start. The swordswoman disappeared and Ferrlow left," Fell sat down amidst the dark passage way.

"Stop being a baby an-" the scythe was cut off. A heavy evil aura began to surround them. "What was that??"

"I don't know, and I don't like it," Fell said as he stood back up, gripping his scythe tightly.

Silence befell the portal as Fell waited, ready for anything. Suddenly a large heartless appeared. It was the biggest he had ever seen. "What on earth..." Fell said in awe of the massive shadow creature. The massive heartless let out a huge roar as many smaller ones appeared at its side. "You have got to be kidding me," Fell said under his breath, his scythe now in battle position.

One of the smaller heartless jumped at Fell and he just sliced it down. "You will have to do better than that," Fell said as he jumped at the giant heartless. "Now die!" he yelled as he swung the gleaming blade. The giant heartless blocked Fell's attack with what seemed to be some kind of shadow barrier. Fell was flung backwards. As he was flying back, Fell stabbed the blade into the ground and slid to a screeching halt.

"Damn! He's gonna be really hard!" Fell thought loudly.

"Don't worry. We still have a few tricks up our sleeves. Use the 'Moon-lit Murder'," the scythe echoed back.

"All right, what ever you say," Fell said to the scythe as small cracks began to appear in the long hilt.

"Moon-lit Murder," Fell said in a deadly tone as the scythe began to pulsate. It's blade turning dark as black sparks flew from it. Suddenly Fell disappeared in a flurry of speed and quickly took down all of the smaller heartless while avoiding the giant's clumsy attacks. Fell appeared above the giant and yelled, "Now! Break apart!" The scythe broke into small pieces, all held together by a thread of magic. The chain scythe wrapped around the giant heartless as Fell landed upon it's head, the razor sharp blade in hand. "May the gods forgive your sins," Fell said as he stabbed the blade into the head of the giant shadow creature.

As the foe melted away, the scythe came back together and Fell landed on his feet. He was weak from that encounter, using up what energy he had left. He had been in too many fights for one day. Fell collapsed to his knees, his hands clinging to the scythe for support. With a painful look on his face, Fell looked up. He saw an army of heartless in front of him and a figure in a black cloak behind them. The figure turned around and began walking away as the heartless began to creep closer.

"This isn't good," Fell said weakly as he forced himself to his feet, "I can't take them all on my own... at least not in this condition." Fell used a spell called 'Wall' to bar the path between the heartless and himself as he tried to make an escape. The exit was so close, but can his spell hold them back?

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