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Bits and pieces of me...
Empty dreams
Empty dreams on wings
of darkness born
in silence crying
in children's voices,
in a poet's heart.

Empty dreams on wings
of darkness soar,
in a lover's passionless embrace,
in a stranger's arm.

Empty dreams on wings
of darkness dwell
in a soldiers world
in an endless night.

Sometimes my friends
you lose sight of your dreams
and find yourself
chasing things
you don't really want.

People pushing you towards
places you rather not go.
But it is hard to say no
when you lose sight of your dreams
and your not sure what happiness means.

You find yourself
in the early morning
looking out the blue horizon
across the wild seas
How the hell
you ended up here?
Chasing things you don't
really want.

How can you tell your friends
You're not sure how it ends
or if you'll even make it that far.

The crystal clear vision
you once held as truth
if fading away
like the days of your youth,
When you've lost sight of your dreams
and You're not sure what happiness means.

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Community Member

Mon Feb 23, 2009 @ 10:25pm

Time passes!
Without noticing!

Time passes!
In the blink of an eye!

Moments missed!
Regrets left over!

Moments missed!
And I ask myself why?

Lady! I hope you've found!;
A smile to light your face!
The joy in your children's eyes!
And the love of your familly!

I hope you shine in the moment!
As a "Rainbow shines' above!"
For a moment! The world is a new place!
I hope you have "Rainbow's!" about you always!

I hope you can dream again!
To feel joy again!
And you love life again!

Bewell my lady of the sea!

3xXRAWR RainBowsXx3
Community Member

Sat Aug 22, 2009 @ 05:53pm

i wrote one here it is a lil confuseing but a poets heart is razz

When everyone given up hope on you and only you feel that sadness that everyone around you been feeling all along its nothin you can fix but somthin that can stop and go away but when it is you may ask yourself what has made that person today if somone never got called pathetic,ugly,not speacial at all then how would you make yourself the person you are today.?! u likie smile

BABYCAKES im bi n ima boy[i <3 Dakota](R.i.P. Sean)
User Comments: [2]
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